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Why Are You In Business? Ask Better Questions To Get Better Results

October 20, 2018 6:47 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Today I want to touch base on a really important question.

Where are you in your business life right now?

More importantly, why are you there?

I mean, I look around every single day and I’m amazed at what I witness sheepsmart business owners doing.

They go off to work day after day and I know that many of them are not happy with the results that they are achieving, And yet I see very few people pause and ask a very important question!


Why? Isn’t why a really good question?

And yet, how many people actually understand why things happen? So, what I’m doing, I just put a little bit of a training together, guys. I want to cover off on this because I think it’s really important.
When I started asking this question to myself, my result in my business started to grow dramatically. For those of you that don’t know, for 15 years¬† I was struggling just to make $50,000 for myself. But as I started to become more Streetsmart with the things that I was doing, very quickly I grew one of the largest air conditioning company’s in Australia and became a multimillionaire. That was within a period of about three years. Pretty cool.

Why did that happen? Well, because I started asking better questions, ladies and gentlemen.
So here’s what I mean. Let me cover off because I just want to get your brain cells working, okay? So, if we start asking why a little bit more instead of just accepting our lot in life, then don’t you think you’re going to start getting answers when you just actually ask your brain?

You say, “Listen brain, why is this so?”

Don’t you think that your brain very often gives you an answer when you ask it the right question?

Well of course it does. So how about you start taking the time to start asking about, well, why are my profits great, so that I can do more of that or why are my profits not so great, so that I can fix that? Again, simply by asking the question your brains going to come up with some answers.

Again, just an interesting fact for you. According to the Bureau of Statistics, only 39% of the business owners watching this right now are actually profitable. So look left, look right, because two out of three of you are probably not making profits. Why is that? Don’t you think you should be asking yourself that?


Weekly Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself!

What about your sales?

Have you got great sales happening in your business?

Well why is that?

So you can do more of that or maybe they’re not so great.

Why is that? So that you can improve on that.

Okay, what about time?

Think about how much time you’ve got in your day.

How much time do you get to spend with your family?

How much time do you get to take out for yourself?

When’s the last time that you mucked around and did things to amuse yourself?

So your hobbies or your activities, you know, did you like going shooting? Did you like going surfing?

How much time do you have to do these things?

When was the last time you took your partner out for a nice, special date?

When’s the last time you sat down with your kids and said, “Right, let’s plan our next holiday. Where would you like to go?”

Is it great? Have you got the time to do that and the ability to do that?

If so, great. Let’s do more of it and if not, if it’s not great, why not?

What can I do about it?

Are some of you getting that thought process going through your head now, asking that simple question?

But again, for those of you that don’t know me, my names Ian Marsh. I’ve built quite a few very large company’s myself and had my fair share of success, so I like just sharing these ideas every now and then when I get the urge. To get you to start thinking not to accept the status quo but to face The Inconvenient Truth About Business and then do something about it.

Now, think about relationships, okay. Well, relationships are a critical part of your business because, trust me, if things aren’t smooth at home, things are not smooth in business. Not just for you, also for your team. Also for the people that work with you because if they’re having dramas at home, how can they perform as a top gun in your organisation, they’re distracted. So if relationships are great, fantastic. Why is that? Let’s do more of it. If they’re not so great, well, why is that? Let’s do less of that, okay.
Where I’m coming to, ladies and gentlemen, is that I want you to do a timeout. I actually want you to say,

“Hang on, let’s take a stop take of what’s going on in our business and in our lives and work out if we’re happy or not happy with what’s going on.”

Here’s a trick for you, okay. I like going into lockdown. I like going to a place of solitude, leave my phone behind and I just think.

I just take a timeout and I ask myself these questions, okay. If you’ve got a pen and paper out you should write this down.
So at the end of the day, I say, “Well, what did I do right today? What can I improve on today and what am I grateful for?” Three questions at the end of each day.
The reason I say, “What’d we do right? What can we improve?” is because when most people make a mistake they go into a horrible self talk mode.

I mean quite honestly, we are our own worst enemy. You think about how you talk to yourself during the day. How, if something goes wrong, you don’t say, “Oh, okay. Well, let’s work out how we could’ve made that better.” We generally go, “You bloody idiot. Why’d you do that? You did it again. Don’t you ever learn? You stupid bastard.” You know, we start saying things like that and that’s not a very nice way to treat ourselves. We wouldn’t treat anyone else that way, well, most of us wouldn’t. So, why do we talk to ourselves that way?
So the end of a day, three questions ladies and gentlemen. Write them down. Say, what’d I do right? What can I improve and what am I grateful for? Okay, and do it in a, in that regular place. Go to that place, have pen and paper and just think. Think about these questions, think about what’s going on in your world, what you want to improve. There is a reason why things are happening. There is reason why individuals are earning only $70,000 a year for themselves and other individuals are have seven figure incomes, okay.
All you need to do is think about it. I can assure you that you’ve got every right to be earning a seven figure income if you want it or you’ve got every right to keep it at a $70,000 income if you want it. But think about it, think about why things are happening to you. Then make a plan, just a simple plan guys. Doesn’t have to be crazy and just go, action, step one. You only need to know the first one or two steps to improve things, okay. So make a plan and take action. Implement your plan, guys.
Is this making sense?

Now, on another note. What I want you to do here, okay, is face something that most people don’t face. I’m going to give you an actual example. I’m actually a little bit sad today. I have to tell you why I’m a little bit sad, well because I didn’t do my job well enough. There’s an individual, I won’t mention their name or their gender, even though it’s hard to work out the gender of people sometimes these days, so, I won’t go there, that’s a topic for another day. So, I had a person and they were, they’ve been struggling in their business for quite a while, over three years, and they’re only making $70,000 a year for themselves, and yet, they’re putting in pretty solid hours, 50 hours a week, trying to grow their business.
I had them there, ready to allow me to help them. They ad the agreement in front of them while I was on the computer and I made a FATAL sales Flaw! I did not stay on the call until they signed the document.

As a result the self talk set in. He probably had a chat with his wife, they started thinking about “What If It Doesn’t Work?” (even though I had given him a guarantee as this client would have been a walk in the park!)

As a result, he backed out at the last minute.

If Only He Had Asked A Better Question!

Instead of focusing on if getting coaching on his business did not work imagine how his life would be if he had asked this better question. “What If This Did Work?”

How wonderful would things be if I am making two hundred thousand instead of Seventy Thousand.

This person should easily be making two or even Three hundred thousand a year for themselves, minimum.
They weren’t willing to face that inconvenient truth about business. Here’s the thing, it’s their choice, we can’t make them step out of their comfort zone. So I really, genuinely, am disappointed because I was looking forward, within three or four months, to help him probably even double his income.

Now, I can lead a horse to water, ladies and gentlemen, but I can’t make them think. So, I got him there but maybe one or two things that I mentioned may have raised doubts in his head. I don’t know, but that one decision has not cost him hundreds, if not, no, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit because he wasn’t willing to step out of his comfort zone into his growth zone. But it’s your choice, okay.

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