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The Most Important Business Skills In Business

August 17, 2018 5:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts


It is so easy to Focus on the wrong things in your business. 

Please take this quick quiz!


What Did You Do Last Week?

Now be honest, because as my dad used to tell me,” you can kid anyone in this world son, but never kid yourself.”

So, grab your diary. Flip through the pages.

How much time did you actually spend on the things that MAKE YOU MONEY – eg Sales and Marketing.

If your like most Sheepsmart Business Owners, you are running at about 10%-20%


I cannot stress how important it is for you to do this exercise no matter what size business you may have.

You want to become a Streetsmart Business Owner, get out of your comfort zone and do things differently.

It is so easy to get distracted in your business by those things that you feel are urgent, but when looking back, you realise that you could have delegated or deleted that task all together.

A perfect example of this is when  staff member comes to you and says, “Can I spend $80.00 on a gift for a client because I believe it will close the deal?”

Let us analyse what has just happened with this perfectly reasonable request from your staff member.

  1. They have distracted you from the money making tasks you were working on.
  2. You will lose at least an hour getting back into the zone.
  3. This gift has the chance to close a $10,000.00 sale.

Really, if a staff member can close a deal by investing $80.00 of your money to get back $10,000.00 do they really need to ask you?

Of course not. You simply need to create a SYSTEM to ensure the staff member is accountable and can show a return on investment by using their sales gift strategy which they can do in your regular weekly meetings where you look at their results.

It is far better to Empower your Team than to Micro Manage them.


Let’s Get Serious!

Using simple logic, if you focused at least 50% of your time on Sales and Marketing, you would obviously get More Sales and More of your Market!


So, if business people know that spending more time on doing and developing sales and marketing systems will result in more sales than why isn”t everyone doing it?

The answer is simply because you are getting pulled in multiple directions by your team and by circumstances. In other words you are being Reactive, instead of being Proactive.

So, how can you be more proactive?

Well, much as I would like to explain it in this article, there simply is not enough room, so I have put together a Streetsmart Business Acceleration System for you to implement.

This is the same system that has helped me build 5 multi million dollar companies and sell more than $70,000,000.00 of my products and services.

If you would like to increase your profits and build a business instead of a job, I would recommend you grab yours while they are still available. (no this is not a marketing line) This gift will only be available while I have places available in my Streetsmart Business School.


Streetsmart Business Acceleration System

Streetsmart Business Acceleration System


 Please Listen To Me!

Build strong systems in your company so that it can largely run without you, but, you ALWAYS know what is going on.

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