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The Fastest Way To Increase Profits in Business!

August 21, 2018 7:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Do You Want A Magic Pill That Will Increase Your Business Profits Overnight!

Today I’m going to be giving you a pretty amazing and very simple strategy that’s going to put an immediate 10% or even more onto your bottom line, straight away. Are you interested?

I understand this may sound like a big call and some of you are thinking “Hogwash” and I wouldn’t blame you so I want to put your mind at ease with this strategy.  Please suspend your disbelief for just 5 minutes and get ready to reap the rewards.

We have  worked with literally thousands of companies from the largest multi-nationals, right down to the smallest plumber on the corner street and There’s one thing I see time and time again and that is that the business owner devalues their worth to the community.

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you went and saw what your competitors were doing and what they were charging?

I’ll tell you now, I’m actually working with a plumber at this very moment, that is charging an incredibly small amount per hour for what he’s doing compared to those competitors around him. I asked him a question, I said, “Well why are you charging this? Are you a shitty plumber? Are you embarrassed to have a contractor’s license?”

I must have had a momentary lapse of reason because He’s a pretty big bastard and he did get upset with me.

Then thought about it and said, “Well you know what? I am so much better as a plumber than a lot of these other guys that sit around. You’re right. Why am I only charging this amount of money?”

                                                Ladies and gentlemen, have a look at your costings. Have a look at why you charge what you charge and then seriously look at having a price increase. You want to do it strategically. There’s a method to doing it so you don’t upset too many people but you’ve probably got every chance that you can simply increase your prices and there’s an additional 10% or more, that goes on your bottom line. How’d you like that? Are you dancing in the lounge room right now or do you want to slap me because it’s so simple and you haven’t done it at all yet?

I don’t know but hopefully I have helped you at least start thinking about why you charge what you charge..

Now, what I see most business owners do when they want more work or think they want more money is actually cut their prices but 10% and they think, “Ah, that’ll get me more business.” I’m here to tell you ladies and gentlemen, when you reduce your prices by 10%, in many situations, you nearly need to do 100% more in sales to get the same sort of profit. Crazy stuff. Yes, I’m telling you now. Anyway, guys look, there’s an inconvenient truth for you. I hope I’m going to put some more money on your bottom line.

If you are thinking that this has potential then here is a Streetsmart Strategy For You!


Start Doing Competitive Intelligence on your Competition!



Before Putting Your Prices Up Do These Four Things

  1. Visit (or call if online) and organise a quote from them.
  2. Observe their Marketing and Sales System (if they have any)
  3. Look at their pricing and determine if you are or can offer more value then they do.
  4. If the answer is YES then put your prices up to what you believe are fair and reasonable.

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