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The Best Online Marketing System I have ever used.

August 27, 2018 1:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts


This is without a doubt the BEST online marketing system I have ever used.

Would you like to know the most powerful online strategy I’ve ever used that has gotten me more results than I’ve ever done? Well, I’ll show it to you in a minute but before I do, yes, you’ve got it, I’m going to share an inconvenient truth with you about business success.

You see, so many individuals that I see in business have got a poor online presence. In fact, (according to Telstra only 50% of business owners in Australia actually have an online presence at all.

Pretty shocking. Most of them are sort of stunned like a kangaroo in the headlights, about to get wacked by a car, sorry for you visual individuals but they are, “How can I do this? I don’t know how to put up a website or change things or it’s all just too hard. Man, I just started understanding what the heck Google was and then Facebook come out. I got Facebook and I sort of struggle and I get a website up and one I get a website I’m told that websites are obsolete and that I got to learn something new.”

Well guys, here’s the truth; it’s not that hard to leverage the online world. You don’t need to do everything. You only need to do one or two things really well online for you to get an incredible result. What is my most powerful, most results driven process I put online? It’s simply putting webinars online. Why are they so powerful and what the heck are they? Well, I’m hoping a lot of you do know what a webinar is but essentially, if you do an automated webinar or a live webinar, you get the chance to share your knowledge with your target market without you having to flog your wares, without coming across like a pushy used car salesperson because let’s face it, people love to be helped but they really don’t like to be sold to that much.

Guys, I’m going to show you a few examples right now, of a few companies that are utilizing webinars and I’m just going to show you the process behind it and you’re going to see a light bulb go on. Then you’ll go, “I could do that.” I hope you’ll enjoy these examples so here we go. Now, before I review this most powerful system I’ve ever used online that has gotten me more success than anything else I’ve ever done, I want to ask if you’ve ever heard of Pareto’s Law? You know the 80/20 rule, the 95/5 rule? Well, I refer to it as another rule and that’s the sheep smart business owners, they’re the 95% of the pack that do what everybody else does and yet, the street smart business owners, they’re part of the 5% that sort of know what most people don’t know.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ll tell you, it’s so much more fun being in the 5%. Now, I’m sure you recognize this gentleman. This is the person that has this incredible product and they know they need to sell it to you. Did I mention they have this incredible product and they know they need to sell it to you and by the way, they want your money? Yes. This is an individual that all of you have met. I want you to kick him out of the door. I want you to hold that door closed now if that’s how you’ve been doing business because there’s a far better way of getting your message across without being a pushy salesperson.

How about you come from a perspective of really wanting to help your client? Now, I’m sitting here on Facebook here at the moment. See this handsome devil here? Yes, that’s me. No, on the right hand side over here, you’ll actually see two ads. One is expert digital marketing, Click, Click Media. There you go, there’s a free plug and also, Facebook Ads, Digitalmarketer.com. Now, you could imagine your business as a pay per click ad. Essentially, what happens, you’re paying anywhere from $5 to $50 to $100 for the ad and when somebody clicks on this ad, by the way, could be $1 but when someone clicks on your ad, it can take you to a bigger explanation of whatever it is that you want to offer. Now, instead of taking them to let’s just say your website or to your blog, how about you take them to an educational webinar.


Somewhere where you can actually explain in great detail what your product is, how well you can help them and why they should do business with you. Isn’t that a pretty cool idea? Let’s have a look at some of the webinars that are out there. .

Below is an example of two of my automated webinars.

This one shows you how you can have a new career as a business consultant.


How To Become A Business Advisor


And this one shows you how to create a Profitable Scaleable Saleable Business!

How to build a successful business

When you go to these sites you will get educated about the topic you are looking for BEFORE you even need to speak to any salesperson.

Very, very powerful and yes again, this is the most powerful online strategy I have ever used to get my message across and only five percent of the people are using it ladies and gentlemen.

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