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Moments ago you took an important assessment…

Based on my experience, it is fair for me to say that the future of your business is determined by your Business Breakthrough Assessment.

Your commitment to taking the assessment shows me how willing and open you are to exploring the possibilities to get you into high- growth mode.


Before we take a closer look at your assessment results, I can’t overlook the fact that you scored low(compared to others) in “”COMMITMENT””

Your COMMITMENT SCORE was [plugin_blueprint_values type=”commitment_total”] out of 50

As a result of your LOW COMMITMENT score, you are not eligible to participate in the personalised Business Breakthrough Consultation with me, but, you are eligible to receive (according to my students) one the best Business Transformation Trainings we have ever done.

Our attendees paid $1,497.00 to spend the weekend with us, where we condensed over 20 years of very expensive experience into one of the most comprehensive business Acceleration systems we have ever created. However, for you it is only $197.00

The workshop is called Fast Track To Millions .

If you go through this comprehensive training and can see the power of what we teach, I would then be happy to have a FREE consultation with you to see if and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Sound Good?

While it’s still fresh in your mind please visit:

Yours Sincerely,
Ian Marsh
CEO Streetsmart Business School


Your Business Breakthrough Score is [plugin_blueprint_values type=”commitment_total”] out of a possible 50.

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