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How Sitting on the Fence Cost my Client Over $5,000,000 Dollars!

February 23, 2018 10:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

cost of inaction

How many of you have been in business for over three years now and are not ecstatic about the results you have achieved?  Have you taken time out recently to ask yourself “Why am I where I am?” There is a good chance that you are where you are largely because of he decisions and choices (or lack of) that you have made in life!

I will share a case study with you in a minute about making decisions and the things that happen when you
actually DECIDE to do something about your situation. And I am no just talking business here.
I have seen men and women in relationships moaning and groaning about how unhappy they are and how
they are unappreciated. And I should leave him, or I should leave her. They feel in their gut that this is
the right thing to do, but then the negative self doubts come in. “Holy crap, they will take the house and I
will get the mortgage!”, or, “How will I support myself?” and many other negative self talk scenarios flashing
through their mind. And yet, when I find these individuals finally make the move, and leave their partner 9 times
out of 10 it is the best thing that could have happened to both of them. Now, it is the same in business. Here is an example. You know you do not have enough leads, or you realise that your sales process sucks and needs to improve. Perhaps you looked for the first time in a long time at your online presence and realised that your competitors were
kicking your butt.

Now, mentally you understand the situation, but at least 80% of individuals will continue to moan about not having enough money. Or, complain how business is tough, or how their competitor is doing unfair things that are sending them broke, rather than facing the reality of the situation and getting an expert to create an effective online lead generation system, or hire an organisation to create powerful Point of Sale material to help their sales conversions. And, as a result, they cause themselves massive stress THINKING about solving the problem rather than ACTUALLY solving the problem.

cost of inaction

Let me share a case study that occurred recently with one of my clients. Now this couple are hard
working, smart and have been running a business for 18 months doing around $20-$30k a month in

One of my business advisors had a look at their online presence and bought the husband in to see me to
discuss a solution. I advised him that his website sucked and he should urgently do something about it, and
that I would be willing to help him for an investment of $15,000. The husband was convinced, but it
took 8 months before both he and his wife made the decision to create a new website.

The new website went live about 6 weeks before writing this article and the result was that within 2 weeks
they had sold 7 times what they were selling in a month. Now let me play that out ladies and gentlemen. They were doing a turnover of $25,000 a month (give or take). Within 2 weeks they had done around $150,000 and the leads and quotes requests were coming in so fast and furious that the wife could not come to the last business school
as she had to keep up with the influx. Now, here is the moral of the story guys. Had they made a fast decision
they would have been making that increased amount 8 months earlier. That means 8 * $280,000 per mth
= $2,240,000.00 in lost probable income because they sat on the fence and did not make a decision.


cost of inaction

Now, roll that out for the length of time they have had the business and this figure turns into over $5,000,000.00
I think you get my point. Now, my question to you is, what decisions are you sitting on the fence with? What is your cost of inaction?

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