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Do You Have A Sales Prevention Department?

August 21, 2019 7:08 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Do You Have A Sales Prevention Department In Your Business?

Without realising it, have you made it difficult for people to do business with you?

How many times have you gone to do business with a company and they have just made it way to hard for you to give them your money?

You may have gone to buy a car and the salesperson ignores you or has no product knowledge about the car?

Or you went to a supposedly upmarket store like David Jones expecting to get the very best advice (and be willing to pay for it) and are totally ignored. It is like you have sprayed Aeroguard on your body as a Sales Person Repellant!

While I know you can relate to what I am talking about I would like you to look at your Sales Process and start rating each step from 1-10 as to how effective it is.

  1. Initial Contact! – Do you have a script or process when making a first impression?
  2. Customer Needs Analysis! – Do you have the BEST sales team asking Needs Analysis questions or do you they spend all their time telling the prospect how wonderful they are? (1-10)
  3. Indoctrination Strategy! – Have you created marketing pieces that you can send to your prospect before you meet them that position you as an expert and Authority? (1-10)
  4. Create Proposal! – Do you create a powerful proposal to highlight the benefits of them doing business with you or do you use a flick and tick sheet and hope for the best? (1-10)
  5. Follow Up! – Do you have a follow up system? Do you follow up at least 4 times with the prospect in some way? Remember, it now takes 14 touches for people to make a buying decision. (1-10)

How did you score?



Always remember, in a sales process you MUST understand the clients wants, needs, fears and desires BEFORE you start offering solutions.

Your role is to understand the prospects challenge, KNOW THAT YOU CAN GENUINELY HELP THEM, and ONLY when they acknowledge they have the problem and they do not know how to fix it, do you offer them the best solution.


If you follow this simple process you will find that your sales conversions improve almost overnight.

This may sound simple, and that is because it is. But it is only simple because you now know what you did not know before.

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