Fast Track To Millions

According to many of our students this is the best Business Transformation Workshop we have ever done.

Clients invested $1,497.00 to attend a Two Day workshop with Ian Marsh and Mal Emery sharing their combined 60 plus years of building successful companies.

Fast Track To Millions Will show you how to:

  • Create the Ultimate Ethical Bribe that compels your prospects to seek you out
  • Reveals how to get an instant increase in leads, in many cases by hundreds of percent.
  • Explains how to build a real foundation for your business so that it is not built on sand, and much much more.
  • Investment


Cash Out

Cash Out takes you on a journey where you are starting a business off from scratch and walks you through to that Million Dollar Pay Day.

It will show you how to find the RIGHT businesses and purchase them for a fraction of their real value.

It will teach you how to STAND OUT from the competition so that you gain a disproportionate share of the available market.

And reveals the system we use to get a business ready for that ultimate payday that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We have bought built and sold over 28 companies and the information inside will give you the blueprint as to how you can do the same.





How to Make A Fortune Buying, Building and Selling Businesses with Little or No Money Down

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The 7 Reasons Why Most Business Owners Do Not Become Millionaires and The 1 Simple Thing They Can Do To Change That.

I’ve distilled the difference between business success and failure down to specific and actionable steps and I’ve written them into my latest book “The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success.” If you are serious about creating a Profitable, Scalable, Saleable Business then you will love this information. I’m giving this book away to people who are serious about thriving BUT only while my stock lasts.

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Streetsmart Business Success

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