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Quickly Improve Your Business Growth by Doing This One Thing!

byIan Marsh

I'm very cheap or so we're going live
again and Holly say whoa what's going on
so I'm back again ladies and gentlemen
did you miss me I hope so
yeah look bottom line is we had a bit of
a snafu we just worked out that when
someone else logs into my account while
I'm in my account my technology doesn't
like it so I've just had a word with
Holly I said fix it Holly and Holly
agreed and we're on the cakes now again
Ian Marsh here looking very professional
right now
but I am here with a very very serious
reason and some very very helpful
information for those of you in business
that are looking for answers solutions
and ways to make your business work
better so look ladies and gentlemen
there's two things that I want to be
covering off on tonight one of them is I
want to talk to you about leverage
Jordan talked about how to gain leverage
and why many people don't have the
leverage that they should and why that's
crossing them a lot in probably life and
in finances and in business stress
secondly we have a question of the week
and so I shall bring that up ladies and
gentlemen here and I think we will be
great now Brooke thank you very much but
keep an eye out on the actual digitalis
now I'm bringing up a PowerPoint ladies
and gentlemen that I painstakingly put
together for you and for those of you
that haven't joined me before and
watched my technical lack of skill
you're in for a treat
because I haven't disappointed you so
what I'm gonna be doing over the next 15
to 20 minutes I'm gonna be covering off
on these two areas why not talk to you
about leverage and I want to make you
aware of what happens with a lot of
businesses that they're in the same
yours but I say a lot of them that I
work with and secondly I want to talk to
you about a question of the week again
if you want to put a question in feel
free and I'm here
help so we're going to be giving you
information that quite honestly will
help you speed up the success of your
company by a factor of 10 if you apply
it is that an exaggeration No
how do I know that well because I've
done it over and over and over again in
each of my organizations and its regular
as clockwork and all you need to do is
overcome one simple thing and success I
mean that quite seriously you have more
money coming to you than you ever
thought existed in the universe I was
shocked and every time I do this and
every time I applied in my company sure
enough similar results sort of a happen
so I'm gonna reach out to and speak to
that and how that occurs but before I do
Richard P sensei questioning now I don't
know if you can see my screen
in fact there's probably a very good
chance that you can't so let me see if I
can resolve that issue right now and I
will bring up the PowerPoint so you can
see what I am showing to you and it will
all make more sense
so Richard P asked me a question and
that question of the week was can you
give some advice on how to get funding
for my up well that doesn't make a lot
of sense have it if I'm in my video here
for my starter how can I get investors
to invest in my business idea
now Richard I understand that there are
so many individuals out there is
probably not a week goes by that I don't
have somebody telling me they've got a
wonderful idea and that they can make me
rich and so well I'm already rich and so
there's a lot of people with a great
idea however the bigger question is how
big is your commitment to the idea and
how valid do you believe that business
model is and I'm going to take you back
to a few key examples one would be Jack
mark from Hallie barber if you don't
know his story I urge you to check it
out I mean he got knocked back from
Kentucky Fried Chicken for pete's sake
they wouldn't give him an opportunity to
work there he got knocked back as a
policeman he got knocked back from
University and not once not twice I
believe that was about
five or six times now because he
believed in what he was doing the result
was that he finally succeeded in
creating Alibaba which everyone knows
today's just such a message success
they've even gotten into movies these
days so and tick one is how serious
about wanting to succeed with this
business idea that you have number two
is when you have that passion other
investors other people will be aware
that you are serious that you believe in
your model and you're not going to give
up at the first obstacle that stands in
your way because I'll tell you the
majority of times it's not a lack of
money that prevents people from
succeeding it's just the lack of
commitment so you know you look at
stories like Colonel Sanders and even
Michael well I was going to say let me
think you think now
okay the McDonald's founder of
McDonald's well the actual franchise not
the McDonald's brothers you have a look
at those individuals they did not give
up they kept going so again Richard P oh
no that's not your answer there's
another couple of answers I'm gonna
build on here buddy because when I
answer these questions of the week
wantin to be practical and wanting to be
helpful so that you can do something
with the knowledge so what ordered you
to do is if you believe that your
business model is great and if you're
willing to put everything that you have
into making this sucker succeed again as
I said other investors will be willing
to watch you and and back you if they
can see the passion that you have but
where are these people where do they
hang out the question is obviously a
very valid one and let me answer it for
so this is where marketing comes into
play all right now there's a few things
you can do now you probably would have
heard of crowdsourcing crowdfunding so
obviously you can put your idea up and
get it crowd funded there's a lot of
well there's positives and there's a lot
of negatives in that strategy but it is
a strategy for you one thing I will urge
you to do is do not I repeat do not get
friends and family to invest in your
wonderful idea that's just the best
thing since sliced bread
I went down that track many years ago
and I nearly lost my mother's home now
you think about if you get your parents
to invest or really close friends
imagine if the thing does go belly-up
what happens with your relationship now
I came within that hairs whisker luckily
I work night and day day and night and I
managed to save my mother's house but I
see it was a close call
so do not get your close friends and
family to invest with you would be my
strongest advice I would never wish
telling anyone again after what I went
through now here's the other strategy
for you and this is where being street
smart comes into play now I do not know
what your idea is I'm guessing you keep
it close to your close to your heart and
hold your cards close to your chest but
let's just say that it has something to
do with the building industry okay well
ask yourself the question who has your
client before you do now if you had this
amazing technology to build a
constructor building with a new
prototype of building material that
knocks 20 or 30 percent of the labor
costs and and the material is so light
but still stronger than anything we're
using today that it makes the
construction process so much easier if
you just put that solution to developers
and need to build these suckers and you
can put a preponderance of proof to them
that your idea actually works believe me
you will get flooded with funds ok so
again I'm saying to you it is how
committed to you how serious are you
about your success and if you're that
serious use that strategy use that idea
that marketing idea and applied in the
niche that you have your idea I do hope
that helps make and I do hope that it
pans out for you give me a note tell me
if you take a goal but again so summary
oh try crowdsourcing crowdfunding
perhaps now you can get angel investors
as well and it's how do you find them
was quite easy just type it into the
internet and you will find a number of
them but beware they are sharks and they
want a pound of flesh alright what I
would suggest is that
you go and find the client that can
benefit mostly from your solution and
just put a story to them so compelling
such a preponderance of proof that your
solutions are this thing since sliced
they got no option but to back you okay
all right so let's get moving forward
ladies and gentlemen we're getting the
momentum happening now you know what
hasn't happened as yet and I want
Richard to be listening to this as well
because street smart business solutions
would not be street smart business
solutions without this intro that I know
all of you wait for every time I come so
here we go
now I'm sure I'm going to get a phone
call one day having said that I do have
a license and a pro license but so
copyright reasons I believe you're safe
up to 30 seconds playing a commercial
song don't quote me on that ladies and
gentlemen but it is your life why do I
play this every time I start street
smart business solutions cuz I see too
many individuals forget that it is their
life and they get ruled by other people
and they live other people's lives
instead of their own so again remember
what do you want out of life get serious
about it and let's go after it which is
exactly what we're gonna be covering up
on tonight ladies and gentlemen so let
us proceed now if you do not mind me
digressing I'm going to throw to my
beautiful daughter and ask her if the TV
shows coming through loud and clear
coming up on your screen there deep it
is fantastic you see my daughter was
logging into my account as I was trying
to get it up today and the sadly I
couldn't get it up because my wife mark
my wife my daughter was logging into my
account as I'm trying to hit the go and
get things rolling so now we're rolling
because we haven't logged in twice
anyway let's show me let me talk about
the main topic tonight which is how to
speed up your success in your business
by a factor of 10 is this a throwaway
line is this just another marketing
headline by some copywriter maybe it is
maybe it isn't you tell me you'd be the
judge make sure you put comments down
make sure you tell me what you think of
the information like me follow me let me
know you exist and you're out there I do
get good feedback from you guys but it's
just great to see these comments so that
being said how do we get effective an
increase in success by a factor of 10
it's quite simple what we need to do is
find a way to get more leverage in our
business okay and you think about it
what do you do think about the last week
where did you spend your time what
things were you doing now if you're
honest with yourself
are there certain tasks and certain
things that you shouldn't have done that
you could have actually gotten other
people to do while you focused on more
important things well the answer is
probably yes all right so again the
reason we are all gathered here tonight
ladies and gentlemen is so we can become
more street smart instead of cheap smart
and so often we can get diverted into
doing things that are not really the
right things that we should be doing
they're not what gives us the Bierce
returns on our time so increasingly
success by a factor of ten by using
leverage what does this mean will you
stop being so cryptic here all right if
you insist let me talk about a typical
business I know this is someone that we
sort of see when they first come into
the world of street smart business
school they're all excited they're
revving to go and began to work Sun up
the Sun day and they're gonna make a
little success of their life and they're
gonna work towards getting a great
income they know that it'll come in the
future and they're going to give it
everything that they've got and that
I'll be unpacking boxes with the team
and they'll be cleaning and sweeping
floors and doing god knows what and you
know one of the reasons they're doing is
they're starting up in businesses a
perhaps they're worried about the staff
thinking poorly of them if they're doing
other work heaven forbid that they're
doing strategic work rather than rolling
their sleeves up and moving boxes but
again guys how many of you that own your
own business spend a lot of your time
doing the work moving the boxes doing
the whacking and cracking in your
business so for example me you know past
life I was an electrician and I was a
refrigeration and and mechanic and when
I first started out I was sheeps math I
was out there and I was going up in the
ribs and I was pulling the cables and I
was putting installing the air
conditioning spinning on my time we can
start ups and then I was working hard
but wasn't making any money was a
growing was like creating a business
or did I just have a glorified job well
I think you will know the answer to that
I had a glorified job and I was doing
that from the age of 25 and to the aid
probably wasn't 25 yet knit what no
probably about even 20 I think doing
from at the right age of maybe 20 to 35
around about 12 to 15 years 23 we'll
call it will meet her halfway around 23
now the age of 35 I actually started to
become street smart I actually
discovered that there's a better way for
you to be in business for you to get
leverage if you actually get the money
that you're looking for have the
lifestyle you're looking for and create
a business instead of a job now when
you're out there and you're loading
trucks many reasons you're doing it if
you are the owners you go well now I
can't afford another person to do that
fair enough
I hear you where am I gonna find that
extra 25 or 30 dollars an hour again or
a module save that 25 or 30 dollars an
hour by doing it myself because why
would I why should have to pay somebody
else to do it just increases the over
here we've got the work cover so all of
these things I understand
however heavily give this poor person
see this is the guy that you're looking
at that's the same guy that's down there
the boss okay let me highlight him if
you are not sure who the boss is okay
this is the guy that owns the business
right here but because he's working in
the business and he's working from 5:30
in the morning probably the first person
to get in there till 8:30 at night sadly
there are a lot of other things that he
hasn't managed to do because he's busy
moving the boxes who's with me on this
he understands where I'm coming from so
now this poor person and I need to again
how to flee isn't this funny daughter
and to work out how to clear that red
mark we were all drawing he had lots of
work when he was there unloading the
boxes and he thought oh man working some
Sunday well I guess I'll finally get a
head of the debts and I finally had more
then at the end of the week however he
was in for a rude awakening because
while he's actually doing all this work
and moving those crates and thinking
that he's doing the right thing in his
business all of a sudden he finds that
there's no more work coming in there's
no more stuff happening there's no
business oh my goodness the stress cuts
in well yeah what are we gonna do man
we've got no work I don't know how many
of you out there can relate to this
where you're in business you gotta roll
your sleeves up because all the sudden
you've got these big projects or big
jobs they're all happening and then you
gotta stop everything else because you
got a pitch in and get the job done I
get that and you do have to is the
backstops of you ladies and gentlemen
but when you do that what else suffers
when you get out there and you start
unloading the boxes well I know it's not
fair life sucks sometimes so I hear you
you know you're working so hard why
can't I have a business of works like
other people when I see their businesses
working oh I don't know life's it stinks
I'll donate some worms I hear but see
business doesn't have a conscience money
doesn't have a conscience and bottom
line is if you do not start operating a
street-smart manner your competitors are
going to out strategize you and they
will create a business and you will
still have a job I'm sure you guys don't
want that that's why you're here tonight
so why are you letting your veins what
happened to the marketing so you can get
more leads coming into your organization
okay you think about it while you're
unloading those boxes you're saving
maybe 30 $40 an hour perhaps however

couldn't you have been strategizing and
putting together a marketing campaign so
you could be getting five 10 20 more
leads coming in well those people are
unloading those boxes and how many of
you out there might be feeling a little
bit guilty because you're doing some
unknown if it was white-collar work
instead of rolling your sleeves up and
doing the hard Yakka well it's all hard
yeah guys and girls and don't don't
start having those thoughts in your head
you know those guys out there all
working their butts off because you're
working your butt off in here but you're
working strategically and what about the
sales because if you're moving boxes
isn't a chance that you're the best
sales person in the company most
entrepreneurs are how you able to do the
sales and get more deals when you're
busy loading loading boxes and why
you're busy unloading boxes how do you
know that your staff out there are doing
a good job when they're going and doing
the installations or delivering on the
promises that your company made what
about your bookkeeping as well so how
are you able to keep a closer eye on
expenses and get the best pricing from
your suppliers and know that you're
getting the highest efficiency from your
organization when again you're there and
you're unloading boxes from the van and
have you been doing what you've been
doing you know I don't know
well um someone came up to said ah hey
Ian what's old come up and say to you
what's old what do they say so I and
what's new everyone wants to know what's
new but if you're busy on letting the
boxes out of the back of the van how are
you able to keep innovating staying in
the cutting edge knowing the latest
sales marketing strategies and also how
to improve your solution to your market
how are you able to keep an eye on the
competitors to see what they're doing I
don't know it's gonna be pretty hard
it's more talented than I cuz I couldn't
do it and how about your management
okay so again if you're busy unloading
those boxes and you want to save that
twenty or thirty dollars an hour by not
employing that staff member to do that
how are you able to set targets fourteen
how are you able to measure the
efficiency and how you able to hold your
team accountable well you know we get
the same amount of hours in the day as
Rupert Murdoch Donald Trump pack up and
yet they seem to get an awful lot done
compared to us how do they do that
well again the answer is leverage is it
not of course it is so when you
understand this and you realize that hey
that's false economy yes I mentally I
understand that I should be getting
someone else to do that while I work on
the higher rewarding tasks that I know I
should be doing
that's when you really start to build a
business now the things that I'm
covering off on if some of you have been
in business for a while they refer to as
thinking hats now this is a great book
if you want to get it if you like the
reading and you can also get it on
audible six thinking hats check it out
but bottom line is you know deep down
that you shouldn't be doing a lot of
things that you're doing don't you do
you know that I'm sure you do know that
who knows that will you confess how
honest to you how many of you out there
are going to be honest enough to say yes
I and I know that I'm doing a lot of
things that I know it shouldn't be doing
well my question to you is why are you
doing the things you know you shouldn't
be doing I'm gonna get to the answer in
a minute okay but before I do again
there's another book so you're six
thinking hats you've also got the e-myth
by Michael Gerber very very smart cookie
okay and also the 40-hour work year you
might want to check that one out any of
those into reading they're pretty cool
books anyway I digress
so again why if you know that you should
be doing other things that you should be
focusing on strategy on sales on
marketing on get looking at the efforts
and the results that your team are
putting in if you know that's where you
should be spending your time what is
spending your time unloading boxes
well the thinking that causes that to
occur is exactly what keeps many many
business owners in jail where they can't
escape they get to a point where they
are trapped they can't leave their
business because if they do the whole
business revolves around them they
haven't given responsibility to
individuals so that they can actually
run certain divisions of the company
without the boss behind it they think
that they need to have the thing is in
all the pies because heaven forbid those
other people on the team can't do it as
well as I can there's any of this sort
of gelling I don't know but if it is and
if you're seeing the sense of this the
next question is probably asking is well
how do I break free is it really
well again the answer is yes and how do
you do it well it's quite simple really
and the answer is not what you're
thinking okay you've really just got to
overcome one thing and
again that's actually in the title of my
book being given your truth about
business success and the one thing that
business owners don't do which is the
reason why they're not near yesterday so
what's the one thing what's fear ladies
and gentlemen think about all of these
thoughts that go through your head you
know that little sucker that's
continually talking to you inside your
head saying things like oh if I grow and
I'll put someone on what if I don't get
enough sales or if I put on a
salesperson would it be at too many
sales what if the economy goes bad or
the staff do a crappy job or maybe this
person that I put on was still on my
clients I can go on and on and on how
many of those sorts of thoughts are
going through your head well they're the
exact thoughts that are keeping you
exactly where you are where you're
trapped in more or less a business
rather than a job and you need to break
free of that because when you do that is
when you start becoming street-smart now
don't make the mistake and don't
misinterpret I'm saying don't go and
abdicate your role say Ian says I would
employ someone you dude
you go do that job I now Knight you
qualified to do it and I trust you to do
a bloody good job and yeah don't let me
down mate okay again I've seen many
individuals do that and that's not what
I'm talking about in fact I see many
businesses very good businesses collapse
because the CEO has worked their
backside off just through willpower to
get it to a certain level they're
exhausted they finally find an
individual that perhaps could be their
general manager and start to manage
things but again rather than delegate
and hold that general manager
accountable and and make sure that they
trues that they have the ability to
manage they abdicate many times they go
away for a couple of months or whatever
holiday gah
thank the Lord and they come back and
their business basically busted do not
make that mistake do not abdicate you
must delegate but you must also be
willing to trust your team to do things
for you
okay while you focus on the high-end
tasks you as the owner this is what you
should be getting paid for you should be
getting paid by your company because you
are an employer you are employed by the
company get
right you are an employee okay you may
own the company but you are an employee
of becoming this way you get to lose
wonderful tax benefits yeah cool so
knowing that well why is the company
paying you what is your purpose why are
you doing what you're doing
what really justifies the payroll that
you're drawing from your organization
should they sack you well maybe Sears
the owner what you should be doing is
putting your skills into finding the
very best team that can do the work for
you you should be putting your efforts
into training those teams you should be
putting your efforts into strategy and
innovation and leading your team and
giving them a reason to follow you
should be making sure that they've got
the resources to get the job done she'll
be putting your time and effort into
creating the sales the marketing the
innovations they're the things that the
owner of the organisation gets paid for
and that's when you get the real returns
not by unloading boxes out of the crate
am i making sense again I hope so so I
just want to cover off now and I'm
enclosing you I hope you've been
enjoying what I've said to you I'm just
going to review it in a second but here
ladies and gentlemen is how you're going
to break free get out of jail and start
to increase your results by a factor of
10 again number one don't believe this
BS don't believe that in a voice is
going on in your head okay
break out of your comfort zone get into
your growth soon have belief in yourself
alright just like Ray Kroc from
McDonald's did just like Jack Ma from
Alibaba did Colonel Sanders I could go
on all right look at Steve Jobs for
example these are people that believed
in what they were doing and so it wasn't
the money none of them had the money it
was the belief and what they were doing
that got them through and so if you
believe that you have a great model and
you love it then how about get serious
how about turn it into a business a
profitable scalable saleable
organization that can run largely
without you wouldn't that be pretty cool
well again just forget the fear and
focus on what you do
not what you don't want and develop some
million-dollar success habits okay
here's the secret when you develop these
success habits in your life very quickly
you're going to start to get better
results than you've had all you ever
thought possible now does it take a bit
of discipline yeah I'm gonna work out a
way keep an eye out I'll I'll put a post
up probably tomorrow of my
million-dollar habits and I'd like to
say that I invented them all that's what
I'd like to say but I didn't in fact I
learned what I'm gonna put up tomorrow
probably a good 70% of it came from a
gentleman I worked with called Brian
Tracy and he taught me at the foundation
he used to call it the thousand percent
formula and so now I'm gonna put up my
street smart million dollar success
habits why well because they've
generated millions of dollars for me
so keep an eye out tomorrow for those
we'll get that posted up but bottom line
for you to actually succeed all you need
to do is set very very clear goals for
yourself so these are goals that you
know you can achieve and forget the
naysayers put the blinkers on if you
know you got a great business and that
you can make it out there then believe
in yourself okay look at those goals
morning and night believe in yourself
have a really really detailed action
plan so that if you've got a detailed
action plan that you're following step
by step your brain is so focused on
carrying out all of those actions that
are in that action plan that it won't
sway to all of these negative thoughts
that can go on in people's heads
it'll just focus on the next thing
that's got to get done the next thing
that's got to get done so you're gonna
overcome failure you'll get past the
naysayers you'll find the resources
you'll you'll get a disproportionate
share of the available market and you
will nail it bottom line you have then
become a street-smart business owner
ladies and gentlemen I hope this made
sense to you now if you'd like more
guidance more help
well it doesn't stop here ladies and
gentlemen I've got a gift for you a very
special one so this here is an amazing
what is it got in it well you'll see if
off you might book there the
inconvenient truth about business
sis cuz you know basically what I've
just shared with you tonight it's pretty
inconvenient what do you mean have it
overcome my fear you calling me a coward
what do you mean ergo to employ people
all these things are you got a face they
are inconvenient no they not I get it
but in this book what it does I step you
through how I overcome these challenges
and the systems that I put in place the
strategies that I used and how it helped
me build one of the largest air
conditioning companies in Australia and
not to mention the other four
multi-million dollar companies that are
built now build the best teams etc etc
grab a copy I'm told us a good read
again and you see the red certificate
there you'll get a copy of that now this
is a free gift to you amazing free gift
all I ask is that you cover the postage
ladies and gentlemen I hope that's okay
and you don't even cover all the postage
you cost me more than what you chicken
it's about 15 dollars ask you to chip in
I think the postage maybe even eighteen
to twenty dollars lots of goodies so
giving you a DVD taking you through the
journey of how I break free and got out
of jail and see that blue certificate
now when I did consults and people want
to strategize with me my initial consult
rate is $500 an hour however if you are
lucky enough to have one of those blue
certificates you can request a
consultation with me and I will listen
to what you have to say and I'll give
you my thoughts now they may be valid
and any not maybe you say man that was a
waste of now but in fact I can't think
of one person who ever said that to me
they actually get so much value out of
the time they spend with me that their
businesses skyrocket in fact see that
success toolkit just there that's full
of case studies of people that you know
many of them make more money in a month
now than they used to make all year well
that can be you if you're willing to be
street-smart not ship smart i hope that
makes sense ladies and gentlemen i hope
you've enjoyed our time together and I
hope you get another good laugh at my
incredible technical skills so again in
review what I want you to understand is
that you must break out of that cycle
where you think you cannot afford to
give tasks or roles to other people this
false economy is costing you money and
the reason you're doing it lies is
because of fear because you're worried
about the consequences of making it
happen the way to get over that is for
you to create a clear goal and a
very very detailed action plan and you
work like the dickens sunup sundown
while you're building this new business
and getting these systems in place you
just put the effort in and make it
happen and very quickly you're going to
find that you've got a real business
that is profitable scalable and saleable
and you'd be laughing all the way to the
bank lasers in German you'll have the
lifestyle and the finances that you've
got into business for in the first place
life is good so again now if you want
this if you want this free gift all you
need to do guys see this is a copy of my
Facebook page the one you're probably
looking at right now so we just learn
more if you click there that'll take you
to that gift page just opt-in there and
give me your details and and we'll send
that kid out to you and again I have a
look below where I'm talking to you or
it says learn more and again that'll
take you to the very same place so guys
again I hope this has been a benefit
what I've just shared with you does work
I had to go through the pain I had to
break through my fear I had to break
through my doubts and I had to go
against many people that I loved that
taught me that I was crazy told me I was
a goose I was a turkey and I could never
do it and I had to stay true to myself
to get to the success that we've enjoyed
in our lives I hope you can do the same
until next time ladies gentlemen next
Tuesday's 6:30 p.m.
well the way my technical skills go you
better give me five minutes on either
side of that Holly and I will be back
again to see you with more words of
wisdom so remember be street-smart
business owner do not be a sheep smart
business owner bye for now

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