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The One Thing that Will Quickly and Easily Increase Your Income!

December 5, 2017 4:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The one thing that will Quickly and Easily Increase Your Income

One of the biggest questions that go through most people’s minds, whether they are a business owner, or if they are an employee   is “How can I increase my income?”


And the motivation is usually because they see other people taking fancy holidays, driving nice cars and perhaps, living in a Dream Home that they would love to own. Or, maybe, they have just accumulated a lot of debt and need to reduce it.


Whatever their reason for wanting more money, the majority of people think that they will need to get a University Degree, or get some piece of paper that society tells them

“You now have the right to a high income”. And, because of thought like these 80% of people give up the idea of a high income and just accept the financial situation they have as their lot in life, and that money is for the “other guy”.


I have some good news for you though. Those people are wrong!.


The truth is, to make more income you just need to do one thing.

Create Leverage,


and there are Four areas to do this.


Create Leverage


For the sake of Brevity, I am going to focus on one area of leverage in this article. And that is other people’s Knowledge.


Consider that you are a hard worker, and you earn the average income of $76,000.00 a year. You want to buy your own home, but an average property today is over $1,000,000.00


In this situation you can do two things.


Option 1 :Decide that you will never be able to own your own home (if that is you then you can stop reading now, because this information is for people who do not want to accept the status Quo.)




Option 2 :Decide that you will double your income in the next 12 months and buy your own home.


Now, you just need a plan to determine how to do it.

Well, before I give you the answer, I want you to consider why you are where you are at the moment. Are you swapping time for money? (and not a lot of money?)


Many people earn $30-50 per hour, but, there are limited work hours, so your earning potential is capped.


What would your world be like if, instead of earning $30-50 an hour, you leveraged yourself to a point where you earned $300 – $500 per hour.


Well, the answer is:

the answer is your income would be between $300-$500k per annum.


Are some of you thinking, “As if I could earn that type of income!” I understand how you may be thinking that making this type of money is not possible, but I ask you to suspend disbelief temporarily, and I will prove that it is possible for many people to achieve this.


So, let me ask you. Why are you getting paid $30-50an hour? or, if you are a business owner, why are people paying for your products or services?


The answer is simply because of the outcome you provide for them. And in return you receive what you perceive as a fair exchange of money for value.


Now, the only question is “How do I increase my value to my client?” and here is where I deserve a drum roll.


Let me ask you one last question before I reveal how you easily Leverage your knowledge.


If someone said to you, if you give me $5,000.00 cash, I will give you $15,000.00 back, would you take that deal?


Of course you would.


And that is exactly what Streetsmart Business Consultants do when they are engaged by clients.


Many times they double, triple, even quadruple the results that they achieve for business owners that use their services.


But, they did not need to go to university for 3-5 years to get an MBA.


In fact, they simply attend a four or Seven day intensive training and then commit to studying and following the comprehensive systems and knowledge that I have developed over the last 28 years of growing multi million dollar companies and achieve similar results to what I achieve when I implement these strategies and systems.


So, what have we achieved? We have leveraged other peoples knowledge so that we can get a similar result and condensed 28 years of experience into a very short period.

If you would like to know how to become a Highly Paid, In Demand Business Consultant watch the upcoming Discovery Webinar and see if this could be the right Business for you to leverage.

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