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The No Selling Sales System!

February 28, 2019 7:23 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Wouldn’t Sales Be Great If You Didn’t Have To Sell!

If I was to choose one of the biggest weaknesses of business owners that I work with today, it is their inability to make a sale!

Apparently, many people feel uncomfortable when they start to make a sale.

Why is that? When you think about it sales people are really just problem solvers. And if someone helps you solve a problem, would you not appreciate them? Of course you would.

So, if you are not enjoying sales you are simply DOING IT WRONG~!

I will share my simple 8 step No Selling Sales System with you, and trust me, if you apply it, you will start increasing your sales immediately.

  1. Create Rapport

When you first meet a prospect you want to build a connection and relate to them in some way shape or form. Find something in common, or something you are generally interested in.

Create Rapport


2.Determine Need

When you first connect with a prospect you should ask probing and sometimes uncomfortable questions to really get to the core of what they want to achieve. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that order. Ensure you listen carefully to what THEY want, not what you want.

YOU: So Peter, if you had a magic wand and could fix one thing in your business what would it be?

Prospect: Generating effective leads

Listen Carefully


3.Help the prospect acknowledge there is a problem that needs solving.

One thing people do not like to do is make a decision. This step is so important. You do not offer a solution until they acknowledge that there is an issue and that they need to do something about it.


YOU: So Peter, why do you want to generate more leads?

Prospect: Because we are not making enough sales and I am losing money each month.

Prospect Must Acknowledge there is a problem

4. Aggravate the pain of them not solving the problem now

So, once they have acknowledged that there is a problem, you need to help them consider the ramifications of not solving the problem now.

I call this the Cost Of Inaction. (Click here to use our cost of inaction calculator)

YOU: So what will happen if you do not create an effective marketing system for your business?

PROSPECT: I will keep losing money

YOU: How Much money exactly are you losing each month?

PROSPECT: $30,000.00

YOU: How many months can you stay afloat if you keep losing this money?

PROSPECT: About 3-4 months

YOU: So, when is the best time to start fixing the issue?


5. Provide them A DRAMATIC DEMONSTRATION solution to their problem

Now that you have helped your prospect recognise the issue and realise that if they do not start doing something about it NOW they will run the risk of going broke, you then show them your amazing solution that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can help them.

In this example I would show them a plan to create an effective marketing system for their business.

But below you will see a video of a dramatic demonstration for vacuum cleaners that will prove this point.

6. Provide Social Proof

So, now that you have identified the problem, helped them achnowledge their challenge and the ramification of not taking action now you reveal to them examples of how other people that have followed your advice have had success, and the best way is with video testimonials of past clients.

An important thing to remember with testimonials is that you want them to be specific with the results they have achieved with you, not warm and fuzzy like “Oh, Ian is just so wonderful ,and incredibly good looking:) get them to share the actual results that they have achieved by using your products or services.

I have included a few of my past clients below to illustrate how testimonials should be done.


7. Remove The Risk

As I mentioned earlier, people are scared about making a decision in case it is the wrong one. If you have a great product you should stand behind it.

So remove the risk by creating a powerful guarantee. The main reason I built one of the largest Airconditioning Companies in Australia is because I had a powerful guarantee behind what I offered.

Work out how you can guarantee what you do.

8. Celebrate

Start running around the block naked because you just made another sale and helped someone solve another problem. YAAY


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