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Who Made Business Success So Inconvenient?

February 6, 2018 8:02 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Who Made Business Success So Inconvenient?”

I have a huge Business strategy to share with you today that is a real Game Changer if you apply it.

If your a business owner, then there is a good chance many of you are pulling your hair out trying to come to terms with the new ways of doing business.

You are witnessing the massive shift from traditional retail to online sales and have been trying to compete with Leviathans like Amazon..

You noticed that your market share has been disappearing over the last 5 years and so you finally create an expensive website.

You get that sort of working and then discover that they are becoming obsolete from these new fangled things called dedicated landing pages, sales funnels, shopify and Facebook just to name a few.

So you then start chasing your tail trying to understand the next so called “must have” in marketing .


If you are sitting back now thinking “OMG that’s what is happening'” then do not worry, you are definitely not alone. (To cheer you up, not even 50% of business owners have a website yet, and out of those only 27% of these are reasonably effective.)

Whether you realise it or not, even though the world is moving faster and faster, nothing is new under the sun. You see your parents, and your parents parents had the same issues just disguised differently.

Take for example J.D Rockefeller, in the 1860’s he had the whole world dependant upon his kerosene which powered the streetlights and lamps of the world.

That was, until Edison discovered the lightbulb and Electricity in 1880 (the birth of Westinghouse and General Electric).

All of a sudden his captive market started disappearing, using electricity instead of kerosene to light up the world and he had to rethink his business model quick smart

Like most of us he had two options…

Option 1: Oh well, it was good while it lasted… Goodbye Business.

Option 2: How can I repurpose the waste from my kerosene to create another market, lo and behold, he discovered how to make Fuel from oil and this coincided perfectly with Henry Ford creating motor lorries and motor cars.

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As you can see, even back in the 1800s there were disrupters and there were casualties and successes.
The exact same truth is upon us again today.
The Gamechanger Insight that released me from 17 years of being trapped in my business to Financial and Lifestyle Freedom, was how to think Strategically (“How can I?) rather than thinking tactically (I will just work harder at the thing that does not seem to be working as well anymore.)

Inconvenient Truth about Business Success:

The Strategist will always beat the tactician!


Inconvenient Truth about Business Success

I hope you enjoy the interview.
Ian Marsh
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