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The Fastest, Easiest Way To Increase The Chances Of Your Success In Business

July 18, 2017 4:06 am Published by

Hello. Would you like to know the fastest, easiest way to increase the chances of your success in business?

My name’s Ian Marsh, author of The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success and CEO of Streetsmart Business School, and you’re about to find out how to speed up the results in your business.

Now, just think about this. If you went into a kitchen and you wanted to make a cake, and you’d never cooked before. You sort of said other people can do it, surely I can.

You grab some flour, and you grab some chocolate, and you grab some eggs, and throw it all into a mixing bowl, and popped it in the oven, and looked at it when it came out.

How do you think it turned out?

If you are being hones you would be scared to  take the first bite.

However, let’s just say that you had Manu and Pete from My Kitchen Rules walk in the door and go, “Oo La La, Ian. This is what you do, sir.”

He puts a recipe in front of you and he says, “This is something I learned from my grandmother in France when I was 10 years old.” He says, You should be able to handle this!”

“You put in this pinch of salt, and you just put this amount of milk into it, and these amounts of eggs.”

When you bring it out of the oven this time,  Do you think that your chances of that cake being a lot  better when you go to take that first bite? Of course it would. Why? Because you had an expert there guiding you, someone that’s actually made probably a lot of mistakes before you, and can help prevent you making the same mistakes that they did.

Now, think about the speed of success  you’ve just achieved when you had Manu there showing you the right recipe and execution of that recipe.. Can you imagine how fast you become successful in making a nice cake?

Ladies and gentleman, it’s exactly the same in business. You see, up until the age of 35, I didn’t have $2 to rub together. I had not achieved much and the reason was that I was doing what everybody else was doing thinking that I was doing the right thing but I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until I met my first mentor, and he started teaching me the skill sets on sales and marketing that I actually started to increase the speed of my success. In fact, in just three years I created one of the largest air conditioning companies in Australia so that’s pretty good.

What I want to share with  each and everyone of you is that if you’re wanting to get ahead in business and you’re not seeming to get the progress and the results that you’re looking for, chances are you just need a Manu coming into your life, sharing with you the right ingredients, giving you the right recipe or plan for success so that you can start to get there fast. Let’s put this to the test.

Allow me to ask you a few questions!

If you wanted to create an effective online lead generation system for your business, do you have the ability to do that?

Do you know the right people to go to that have got a proven track record to do that?

If you wanted to create a fantastic team around you that can help you actually get the results that you’re looking for in your organisation, have you got the ability and the right processes in place, the right systems for if you like advertising and marketing for that person, and then the interviewing process and the steps you should take to ensure that you get the right person?

We all know how painful it is to get the wrong individual.

What about a simple methodology for creating systems in your organisation so that it can run on auto pilot? Do you know how to do that?

Do you know how to put those things in place so your business can be a profitable, saleable,  scalable business in a couple of years?

I’m asking these questions  to you to help you think about the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know.

When someone’s been there and done it before you and when they’ve got a proven track record, there’s a very good chance that they can help you speed up your success

That’s what happened to me. Since that day in the year 2000, I have never not had a mentor in my life.

Yes, I cry once and when I pay once, but the reality is that, generally every dollar that I invest with these guys comes back to me 10 and 15 to one and even more.

To me, that’s a pretty good return.

If you are wanting to create a Profitable, Scaleable, Saleable Business and would like assistance in achieving this then take our Streetsmart Business Breakthrough Assessment below and you may qualify for a Free Strategic consult with me.
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