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How To Beat The Business Competition

February 27, 2019 3:06 am Published by Leave your thoughts


How To Get Prospects To Choose You Over Your Competitors!

Would you like to improve your results by up to 30% in the next 90 days? Then study this blog, because it is a game changer that will allow you to gain a disproportionate share of the available market.

Do you really know why people choose to do business with you rather than your competition?

Or a better question may be Do you know why people choose to do business with your competitors instead of you?

The answer is:

Perceived Value


I will prove this by telling you a story.

The other day I pulled into the service station below and I felt like a coffee but I was facing a dilemma.

Which Coffee should I choose?

Gloria Jeans Coffee is $4.00 and 7 Eleven is $1.00.

As it stands both coffees are a commodity and there is not much of a reason to choose Gloria Jeans as I see it at $4.00.

When I can get an extremely similar product from 7 Eleven for only $1.00


How can we increase the sales to Gloria Jeans instead of to 7 Eleven?

By Increasing The Perceived Value!

So what if we added a few things to Gloria Jeans to tip the scales and take the eye off price?

For starters let’s run a competition for a 7 day cruise. So every time you buy a coffee you get a ticket for a chance to win.

We then offer a little after dinner mint or a little biscuit with each coffee.


And finally they go into the draw for a chance to win $20,000.00 (and no, you do not need to find $20,000.00 if they win but that is another story)

Gloria Jeans is now not just a coffee. It is an EXTRAORDINARY COFFEE!

So not only do I get a great coffee, but I also receive:

  • an after dinner mint or biscuit (mmm, mmm)
  • chance to win a cruise
  • and a chance to win $20,000.00 (which you do not pay for as you can insure the prize)

Do you think this may tip the scales 20% to 30%?

This one little strategy would add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

But that is Gloria Jeans Business!

What about yours?

What can you do to be an EXTRAORDINARY BUSINESS?

If you need help with this then fill in the application form below for a Discovery call and let’s see if and how we can help you.

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