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How To Overcome Lack Of Focus and Achieve Your Goals!

March 27, 2019 7:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts


“Who Else Suffers From Lack Of Focus?”

This is one of the major obstacles that stands in the way of people’s success in life.

I want to talk to you this week about the impact lack of focus has on your life and a simple way to fix this issue.

Think about how many times you have started to get your body in shape and you get distracted, or you decide to start saving for something you really want, but for some reason you dive into your nest egg for some lame reason and ruin all that hard work you put in.

As a Business Consultant I see the same issue occur when it comes to people wanting to grow a successful business.

They are excited and put the required effort into getting the idea off the ground, and just when they are about to have a breakthrough and create a great company, they stop, right before the finish line and lose their focus thinking they might try something more exciting like share trading, or property development, thinking that this new venture may be what they are looking for and they will be able to make a fast buck.

So they put massive effort into getting that new idea off the ground and as a result they take their eye off their core business and it starts faltering because it has not had the love and focus it requires and deserves.

The Million Dollar Question

So Why do I lose FOCUS?

The simple answer is you have forgotten your MISSION in life!

When you get out of bed, how often do you hit the snooze button? If you do hit the snooze button, it simply means that you have not got a big enough REASON WHY to jump out of bed and work towards something that is important to you. You have forgotten your mission.

Think back to New Years Day. You make your new year’s resolutions. According to a recent survey the top three resolutions are

  1. I am going to get fit and healthy
  2. I am going to make more money
  3. Going to find love or improve my relationships

Following on with results from the Nielsen study they found that only 14% of people succeeded with their resolution.

So, why is that? I mean let’s look at the number one resolution.

Let’s get fit.

What is my plan?

Go to the gym 1 hour a day 5 days a week

Drink more water

Eat good food.

So, if it is that simple why are so many people unhealthy?

And what about making more money?

What is my plan?

Save 10%of my gross income (no matter how big or small)

Put it into a unit linked fund that is tied to the stock market


If you started this simple plan at 18, you would be a millionaire by the time you are 36

The Answer

We forget WHY we are doing things.

Why do we want to get fit and healthy and have a great body?

Well, perhaps it is because you want to attract the perfect partner, or you want to have lot’s of energy to power through your day and get things done.

So, if, every time you walk past the chocolate aisle in COLES you say, I am not going to eat that FAT BOY food because it will sap my energy and make me fugly you probably won’t eat that junk food.

The key is to remind yourself each morning that you are getting closer to health goals and no piece of junk food is going to take you away from that.

It is exactly the same with Financial goals.

None of you really want more m0ney. Let’s face it, you can’t eat money, you cannot build anything with the paper.

What you want is what money can do for you.

It can allow you to lead the life you want. So you need to remind yourself everyday over and over again, WHY you want the money.

Is it for that BMW?


Dream Home?

Children’s education?

What ever the reason, you MUST reinforce your WHY’S every day, and preferably over and over again during the day.

This will keep you focused and on track.

I have created some simple Streetsmart Success Habits that if you follow them will help you stay FOCUSED and reach your goals faster than you ever thought POSSIBLE.

  1. Get out of bed 2 hours earlier than you normally do
  2. Read a book in an area you want to improve (eg developing new skills) for 60 minutes a day.
  3. Write down your goals every day
  4. Plan your day the night before
  5. Stay focused on your high end goals
  6. Exercise at least 30 – 60 min a day
  7. Listen to educational/Inspirational things while driving.
  8. At the end of each day write down what you did right during the day and what you can improve on.

If you follow these Simple Success Habits you will achieve more in the next thirty days than you have in the 6 months.

I have created a poster with these habits for you to put up in your office or on your fridge.

Please download them and put them somewhere prominent so that you stay FOCUSED and on track to achieve your goals.

Till next time


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How To Stay Focused And Achieve Your Goals

Now, I really am excited about sharing what I’ve got to share with you tonight, because it’s one of the most frustrating things that I see as a business consultant, and that is people’s lack of focus. And I have to say, this training tonight is inspired by one of my clients, and hopefully I’m going to retain her as a client. But here’s the thing, the reason why I am doing this topic tonight is because somebody that has so much potential, someone’s that’s got the potential to be able to really crack it and get all of the results that she’s looking for in her business, she’s that close to doing it, is about to give it all away. Why? Because she’s got a lack of focus. She’s about to get distracted and do something else. Man, if I had hair, I would pull it out right now, because this person really is so close to building a really, really stellar company, and she’s giving up about two inches before the finishing line. So, thank you. You will not be named, but I really do feel for you, and I am sharing this with the world to say please do not lose focus with what you want out of life. Because it really is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Those of you that do not know me, my name is Ian Marsh, but I’m sure many of you recognise me. And tonight what I wanna do, I’ve actually got a gift for you right at the end of this that I’ll get to, that really has had a massive impact on my life. But I wanna talk to you about this issue of focus, and how so many individuals out there lose their focus, and as a result they don’t get the results they’re looking for in life. And it’s really a bit of a shame. But after tonight, don’t you worry, because I aim to fix that issue. So, without further ado, I wanna know how many of you relate to this dude, or dudette if you like. You’re about to get up, and then you know, “It’s nice and warm in here, the bed’s soft, I wanna cuddle my partner, I wanna kiss the Mrs.,” or you’ve got your man there next to you, and you hit that snooze button. You’re not really that motivated to jump out of bed and go, “Come on world, what have you got for me today?” How many of you relate to that? Well, there’s probably a good reason for this, and by the time I finish sharing what I’ve got to share today, you will get it, and we will fix it, and tomorrow morning all of you are gonna be jumping out of bed saying, “Come on, let’s take it on, let’s have some fun.” So here’s an important question for you. What is gonna happen to your world tomorrow, what’s actually going to occur? Do you know? If you’re in business, do you know how many leads you’re going to have coming into your organisation? Do you know what income you’re going to be generating for the day? Maybe, if you’re an employee, do you know what your boss has got planned for you, do you know what results you’re gonna make happen tomorrow? I know 95% of people out there actually don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So maybe that’s a bit tough, let’s go for another question. What about what’s going to happen this week? Today is Tuesday, so we’ve got till Friday. What’s going to happen by the end of the week? Let’s just call the end of the week Saturday, or will we call it Sunday? Million-dollar question there. What’s gonna happen by the time, let’s just call it Sunday rolls around? How’s your world improved? What have you achieved by the time Sunday comes around? Or are you just waiting for that weekend so you can go and blow your dough and have fun and party and then start the whole routine again next week? I don’t know. But do you think it’s good to have an answer to it? What about what’s going to happen by the end of this month? Maybe your week’s too much of an ask for a lot of people, but right now it’s the 26th, so one more month. Oh my goodness, my daughter’s going to be 17 in one month, I’m gonna speak about that in a second. But what’s gonna happen, let’s just say next month? Not March, what about the end of April? Have you got something that’s going to be achieved, have you got some major goal that is going to be nailed by the end of the month? Or perhaps what about the end of the year? Or what about the end of the decade? My point here, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s a really important one, is that we need to have answers to these questions. Because otherwise you’re gonna be like this little piggy, chasing and trying to catch up with your life, and really not ever holding the ball. You’re never going to actually get that result that you’re looking for. Because you actually haven’t planned for it, because you haven’t told your brain what you really want out of life, you haven’t just taken a little bit of time out to say, “All right, this is my life, what do I want out of it, what am I going to achieve from it, and what’s my plan to make that happen?” So how about we stop this now? What do you reckon, is that a good idea? How about we stop playing catch up, and we do something about it, and you just put some simple things in place? I’m gonna share those with you in a second. Now, here’s why I really wanna make you aware of this. I swear I’ve just come out of a time machine, ladies and gentlemen, because last week I know my daughter was only seven or eight years old, and I’d come driving up the driveway and I’d see my little girl, she’d come running out to me, she’d go, “Daddy, Daddy, I love you, let me tell you about my day,” she’d give me hugs and kisses. Doesn’t that happen? Well look, somehow I jumped out of this time machine, and what happened to my little girl? She’s nearly turning 17, and she’s got all of these friends that are taking my little girl away from me. Not happy, Jen, I’m telling you right now. I love my beautiful little girl, but she’s actually a young lady now. So she doesn’t have quite as much time for her dad, and I don’t know when the last time was I got a nice, bug hug from her. You all know where I’m coming from there? So here’s the thing. So many of us think we have time. We have time to make that extra money, we have time to go and do those things we wanna do, we have time to connect with our children or our spouse and get closer. Well, do we? Again, coming back to those other questions, what’s going to happen tomorrow? What’s gonna happen next week? We do not know, ladies and gentlemen. Only one supreme being, whoever you wanna call it, God, Allah, Yahweh, I don’t know, Buddha … There’s only one ultimate plan up there that has the answer, and it’s way beyond my pay grade to be able to have that answer. What I wanna make sure of is that I make the most of the time that I’ve got right here, right now, and I don’t waste it. So I want you to grab pen and pencil, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re going to solve one of life’s great tragedies right now. And we’re gonna do it by asking a couple of other questions. So I’ll count to three. One, two, three. All right, here they are, some other important questions. And please, really put attention into what I’m saying here, ladies and gentlemen, because these really can be game changer questions for you. What sort of body do you want? Now, I know Facebook is not gonna be very happy with me right now, because we’re not meant to be talking about body types, but I’m just saying do you want a healthy body or do you want an unhealthy body? Do you want a strong body, do you want a weak body? Do you want a trim, taut, terrific body, or do you want a chubby-bubby body? I don’t know, it’s your call, and there’s no right or wrong. But you should have an answer for it. And what about your home? Are you living in the home that you want right now? Do you know, all things considered … You’re Gandalf, you can wave a magic wand and have exactly what you want in life, what does your ideal home look like? Are you living in it? If you’re not living in it, why aren’t you living in it? Because let’s face it, everybody pretty well, give or take, has the same God-given gifts within one or two percent apparently, so the experts tell us. So if some people have exactly what they want from let’s just call it a physical or a financial perspective, why don’t you? It starts with you writing down what you want, what it looks like. Your home, your body. What sort of lifestyle do you want? Do you wanna be working for somebody, or do you wanna control your own hours? Do you wanna be putting in 60, 70, 80 hours a week? Because I know many people do. Or do you maybe wanna put in, say, 20, 30 hours a week? Again, if you don’t determine how many hours you wanna be working and what sort of lifestyle you wanna be living? Who’s gonna determine it for you? Someone else. Are you getting where I’m coming from here? And here’s another one. Where are you off to for your next holiday? Have you given it any thought? Maybe you wanna go across to see the Greek Isles, that’d be pretty cool. Maybe Barbados. Maybe you wanna go into the bush, I love camping, maybe you wanna go into the bush for a couple of weeks. Well, have you planned it out? Have you said, “Right, I’m gonna be heading off to Barbados at the end of the year”? I’ll tell you what, this reminds me of a fantastic friend of mine, I haven’t talked to her for many years, her name’s Pauline. She actually went through a really tough, tough … Oh, my background went green for a moment there. She was going through a bit of a rough trot, and I sat down with her and we asked these sorts of questions. And I said to her, “Okay, what sort of income do you wanna be earning? What sort of lifestyle do you wanna be leading? What sort of holidays do you wanna be having?” And one of her answers was, “I wanna go to Egypt and I wanna take my child to Egypt with me.” And I said, “Okay, why don’t you do it?” She says, “Well, I’ve got no money. I can’t do it.” I said, “Bullshit, of course you can do it.” Oh, not supposed to say that on Facebook either, sorry ladies and gentlemen. “Of course you can do it.” And so she says, “Well, how do I do it?” “Well, how about we make a plan?” “Yeah, but I can’t go to Egypt.” I said, “Do you think other people go to Egypt?” “Yeah.” “Well, why can’t you? Aren’t you as good as other people.” “Yes.” “What would be the first step? How about we work out when you wanna go to Egypt?” It was the beginning of the year, it was very close to right at the beginning, I think it was within a week of New Year’s Day. We set a goal for Christmastime, for her to take her child there at Christmas. All we did was work backwards from there, and I’m gonna ask you a really tricky question here. Where do you think she was 12 months from that point? Where did she ring me from at Christmastime? Egypt, of course. She went to Egypt, she achieved one of her goals. Now, if I didn’t have that conversation with Pauline, she never would have gone to Egypt, she always would have thought, “That’s for other people, that’s not for me,” and I’m here to say that’s just ridiculous. Somebody’s gotta do it, why not you? Again, what sort of holidays, what sort of lifestyle, what sort of home, what sort of body? What sort of income do you require to have these other things, the sort of holidays you want, the home you want, the car you want, even the body you want? Now, can you buy the body you want? Maybe you can these days, who knows. Who agrees that they’re pretty important questions? I’d love you to actually put in the comments below, just tell me, do you think that if you have the answers to these questions, that maybe you could develop a simple plan to make it happen? Let’s actually go to question one, let’s talk about what sort of body you want. Obviously this is me, you would have picked that up straight away. So how did I get to look so incredible and have such bulging biceps? How about we have a plan? That might be we wake up at least an hour earlier than we normally do, and what we’ll do is we’ll go to the gym five days a week. We’ll drink lots and lots of water, like we all know we should, and we’ll eat healthy. We will not, I repeat, we will not go down to the Cole’s Chocolate Aisle and eat the munchies there, ladies and gentlemen. We’re going to eat healthy, we’re gonna have lots of kale, and we’re going to cut out bread, we’re gonna cut out sugar and dairy, I believe they’re the three things that people say maybe are not that good for us. Sugar, sugar, sugar. I love sugar, but if we cut them out … Do you think, if you just stuck to this simple plan for three months, just did this for three months, do you think you might have a fairly good-looking body? Of course you would, ladies and gentlemen. It’s just you getting clear on you want, and then wanting it bad enough. What about wealth? A lot of people say that they don’t have enough money, they’ve got money problems. Quite often it’s not really money problems that people have, it’s simply a skill problem, they haven’t determined, they haven’t been committed enough to develop skills in a certain area so they can generate the wealth or the income that they want. It’s really a skills problem, not a money problem, just a knowledge problem. But let’s just say we want wealth. Again, let’s make a simple plan. There’s every chance you’ve been made aware that if you just put 10% of your gross income away every week without fail, yes, that’s every week, ladies and gentlemen, if you started doing that at the age of 18, you put that into a unit-linked fund, by the time you are 36 you’ll be a millionaire. Well, I’m confused. If we all know how to have a healthy body and be fairly fit and strong, and we all know what we need to do to have a nice nest egg and be, say, a millionaire, although let’s just face it, a million dollars is not that much money anymore … Why aren’t we all wealthy and why don’t we all have the perfect body? Well, here’s the core of the issue, ladies and gentlemen: we lose focus, or we never had a plan to begin with. And again, what I wanna do, I’m quite serious here, I’m hoping that you guys watching this are saying, “You know what? If I didn’t have focus, it’s time for me to get back my focus. If I didn’t have a plan, it’s time for me to get a plan.” Because, ladies and gentlemen, each and every one of you can do something about whatever situation you are in. Let’s plan to stay focused, shall we? There’s a really simple way we can do that. The first thing we need to do is just take the time out and have the courage to write your goals down on paper. Yes, actually have the courage to say, “You know what, I am going to have that holiday that I want, because we deserve it. I’m gonna take my family, and we’re gonna have this great holiday, and we’re going to do it …” Bang, why don’t you say Christmas again? Still a fair way away, that’ll be a nice reward for a good effort. And you work out where you wanna go, you work out what you wanna do, work out how long you’re gonna go there for, you work out what sort of income that’s gonna … What sort of investment you’re gonna make for that holiday. Set your goal. What about your desired income for you to finance the lifestyle that you want? How about you have the courage to actually write that down? Because that’s where it starts. Get it out of your head and onto paper. If it stays in the head, then you’re going to be dead. You’ve gotta get what your dreams and your ideas are, get them onto paper, write them down, because that’s the first step to success. Get really clear on what you’re wanting to achieve so that you’re on a mission, you’re not hitting that snooze button all the time. And then you follow these simple steps. We call these the street smart million-dollar habits. Wake up two hours earlier than you normally do. Over here, just wake up two hours earlier than you normally do. Now you’ve got two hours extra of God’s time. In a week, that’s 14 hours. In a fortnight, that’s 28 hours. Oh my goodness, in a month that’s 56 hours a month. You’re getting more than a week, you’re getting a five-week month, a six-week month depending. So who thinks that’s pretty cool? I’ve just generated time out of thin air. So they reckon, and I’ve done research on this, that the status quo is you really do need at least seven hours of sleep a day, that’s what all of the sleep experts say. So many of us are sleeping nine hours or 10 hours, etc. etc. So work out how you get those seven hours of sleep in a day, and then get up two hours earlier than you normally do, and use God’s time to improve your skillset, to improve the area of your life that you wanna improve. Read a book for 60 minutes a day out of those two hours. Start to study a particular area of your life that you wanna improve. Let’s just say if it was business, and I think we all know, you’re all watching me on Facebook right now, we all know that Facebook, if you learn to use it effectively, can be a pretty good tool for you to improve your business when it comes to leads. So what if you found really good information that you could study for 60 minutes a day, just on Facebook? Within a month, how good would you be at Facebook marketing? Within three months you’d pretty well be as good as anyone out there, I kid you not, it’s not that hard. Bingo, you’ve got a really powerful method for generating leads in your business, and it’s only taking a concerted effort over a very short period of time. Within a month you’re going to have a really, really good result. Are you with me on this? Now, you could maybe study inspirational books, or whatever. But all I’m saying is work out where you wanna go, and then read things in that particular area. Now, number three, point three, is write your goals down every day. Why? Because you’ve constantly gotta remind your brain of what you want out of life. If you don’t remind your brain, that’s when you lose the focus, that’s when you’re then going, “Oh, I’ll try this idea, I’ll try that, I’ll waste time over here.” And all of a sudden you’re not achieving the goals that you want out of life. So write your goals down every day. I write mine down every morning and every night. Every morning and every night. And if you study the most successful people on the planet, I promise you they all do exactly the same thing. In fact, billionaires, I’m told, are looking at their goals continuously during the day. So write your goals down continuously. Now, here’s another thing. Plan your day the night before. Remember I asked that question, what’s going to happen tomorrow? Just take five minutes and say, “All right, what is going to happen tomorrow? What will I make happen tomorrow? What would I like to achieve tomorrow?” When you map it out the night before, it’s got into your subconscious, and your brain goes to work while you’re asleep. So you have an incredible day, and maybe you’ve got challenges you’re worried about facing tomorrow, well your brain comes up with a solution during the night, I kid you not, and you have an incredible solution the next morning. Just pop, happens, and life seems to go on. So plan your day the night before. Stay focused on your high-end goals. Again, in this day and age, there are so many distractions. You can go surfing the web, you’re looking at social media, you’ve got friends saying, “Oh, can you come to my christening, come to my party, do this, do that, can you help me out, move the house, move the flat,” yadayadayada. Get all of these impositions on your time, be very, very careful what you say yes to. Stay focused on your high-end goals, and get rid of all the low-end goals, like for example watching TV and listening to the news, all these sorts of things. How do they really enhance your life? I’ll tell you now, so many people … In fact, a friend we just met the other day, they don’t have any TV in their house at all. Can you believe that? I think what a cool idea. Because it’s really a fact that a TV in your house is very hazardous to your wealth. Stay focused on your high-end goals. Exercise at least 30-60 minutes a day. Then you’ll be built like me, lucky devil. Listen to educational and inspirational things continuously. Don’t listen to the news, it’s just damn depressing. I can tell you right now what’s happening, there’s probably an earthquake somewhere, planes falling out of the sky, some poor person has been attacked or molested, it’s damn depressing. So why do we wanna listen to it? How about you focus on the great things we want out of life? And then, at the end of every day, just get a little journal and write in that journal at the end of every day, “Right, Mr. Ian, what did I do right today?” And write that down. “And what could I have improved? Whatever happened today, how could I have improved what occurred?” When you just follow these simple steps, and you follow these million-dollar habits, your life is gonna start taking incredible leaps and bounds forward. You’re gonna start achieving things that, quite honestly, many of you didn’t think were possible. How do I know? When I learned these habits from Brian Tracy, when I was working with him many, many, many years ago, the impact on my world was so immense. So many people throw around this figure of tenfold, ten X. I’m not exaggerating, this is probably a 50-fold improvement in my productivity and achieving the goals and the things that I want out of life. So, ladies and gentlemen, trust me on this, suspend disbelief. I’ve put this together as a PDF for you because I know how powerful this is. I want you to be able to download this, so I’m gonna be putting a link in here as soon as this Facebook Live is over. Hang around, come back to my page. Make sure you like me or bite me or comment on what I’m sharing with you, because I really wanna see the feedback. And again, I’d love to know what you think of these million-dollar habits. When you follow those million-dollar habits, you’re gonna start waking up every morning remembering you’re on a mission. And then what’s going to happen is you’re not gonna be this person anymore, hitting the snooze button and saying, “Oh, have I really gotta go to work? Have I really gotta face the day?” You’re gonna be jumping out of bed, and you’re gonna be this person here, just really hitting the goals that you wanna hit in life, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you found that beneficial, and I hope that these thoughts that I’m sharing with you resonate with you in some way, because I want all of you to realise that you can have what you want. Just take that courage to step out of your comfort zone, step into the success zone, and really start to understand that you can achieve whatever you want. You just gotta get clear on what it is, write it down as a goal, create a simple action plan, and before you know it you’re gonna look back in 12 months and go, “Wow, really did I do that?” Again, would love to hear your feedback, and look for the link and you’ll be able to download this million-dollar habit PDF. I’d love you to stick it up on your fridge, or put it in your office, just refer to it every day. Because it’ll make a massive, massive difference to your world. Till next time, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll see you next Tuesday. And again, if you want me to cover any topics or anything, let me know. I’ll see you later.