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How To Increase Your Income Fast!

September 16, 2018 11:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


How To Increase Your Income!

For nearly 15 years all I wanted to do was become a successful businessperson. I wanted the good things in life like (the other) people.

Despite me working HARD, I was lucky to be making $50,000.00 for myself.

Finally I started asking better questions to resolve this frustrating problem.

Was it because I did not look like Brad Pitt that I was not making money? (Of course not, because I have a remarkable resemblance to Brad 🙂

Was it because I left home at 14 and did not go to University? (Of course not, I looked at Gerry Harvey, Dick Smith and many more people that were very successful without a formal education)

Was it because I was not very smart? (This one had me worried but I had to ask the question, and again, I saw people I thought were far dumber than me succeeding in business.)

How I Increased My Income!

The first thing I did right to increase my income was to start looking for mentors in areas that I knew little about!

 I stumbled across my first mentor in the year 2000!

The next decision I made changed my entire life!

I was give the opportunity to join his high level mentoring program for the investment of $997.00 per mth. At the time thoughts were going through my head like “I can’t afford this!” “What would my girlfriend (now my wife)say? The same thoughts that probably go through your head when you are making important life decisions.

At that time I did not have any money, however, I knew it was time to change what I was doing because it was not working and used two credit cards to Join Mal’s Platinum Group.

In that environment, I started to realise that the universe rewarded you on the VALUE you provided to the world. Or the Perceived Value. And the way you let the world know that you could provide better value than your competitors was through Sales and Marketing so that you could convey this message effectively.

Where 95% of people swap money for time, I started to learn the power of Leverage and swapped money for OUTCOME!

Within 3 years of discovering this secret I became a multi millionaire and had one of the largest Air conditioning Companies in Australia.

“The Most Profitable, Lucrative and Personally Rewarding Business In The World!”

Now even though I enjoyed building my company, and I was doing $12,000,000.0 pa in sales I had to employ and worry about 60 staff, had huge overheads and had very big exposure to law suits from work cover due to people working from heights and electricity etc.

That was when the universe gave me another gift!

A business owner was having troubles in their business and was about to lose his business, his house and probably his wife.  He begged me to have a look at his business and help him. I reluctantly did this and I say reluctantly because I had no formal qualifications and so I felt I was not worthy to help him.

After looking at his business I was shocked at the basics that he did not know about.

I gave him 10 things to implement and never expected to hear from him again, but three months later, I had a phone call and this person called Jeremy was literally screaming THANK YOU, down the line for helping him save his business his house and his wife.

Upon receiving that phone call my life had changed again as I no longer had any interest in airconditioning, I just wanted to help business owners have better business lives.

So, where does the Income enter this conversation?

Well, let me ask you a question! If you had the power to help someone save their business, or double even triple the profits in the business what would that be worth to them?

Is price really an issue or is it the result that is the outcome they are looking for?

Obviously, they are wiling to pay for outcome! This is why I lead a blessed life these days, I have minimal staff, but earn an incredible income because I can create fantastic outcomes for business owners.

Notice the difference in the equation!

People are happy to pay for results not time!

I hope this makes sens to you. If you would like to know more I run Discovery webinars on Thursday Nights at 6.30pm Brisbane Time.

. You can join me by clicking the button below.

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Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Now that you know why some people make more money than others why don’t you take the 30 Day Challenge! Work out how you can create more value for your clients if you are a business owner.

How can you deliver better outcomes to your Boss if you still have a job.

I guarantee that if you focus on delivering VALUE instead of TIME you are going to make more money!

Here is the registration button again if you want to learn how to develop these Value Creating Skills and increasing your income more than you probably realised was possible!

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How To Become a Highly Paid In Demand 6 or 7 Figure Business Consultant


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“How To Be A Highly Paid, In Demand 6 or 7 Figure Business Consultant!”


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How To Be A Highly Paid In Demand 6 or 7 Figure Business Consultant!

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