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How To Improve Your Sales Conversions!

August 7, 2019 6:33 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Stop Offering Apples When They Want Oranges!

Are you guilty of selling clients what you have rather than offering clients what they WANT?

It is too easy as a business owner to get so wrapped up in your product or your need to make a dollar that you forget the most important thing!

Your Customer!


Consider the last week of sales that you or your sales team have made.

Think about the amount of questions you asked before offering a solution.

How many needs analysis questions were in the sales process?


Always remember, in a sales process you MUST understand the clients wants, needs, fears and desires BEFORE you start offering solutions.

Your role is to understand the prospects challenge, KNOW THAT YOU CAN GENUINELY HELP THEM, and ONLY when they acknowledge they have the problem and they do not know how to fix it, do you offer them the best solution.


If you follow this simple process you will find that your sales conversions improve almost overnight.

This may sound simple, and that is because it is. But it is only simple because you now know what you did not know before.

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