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How To Find An Extra 2 Hours A Day In Your Life!

November 21, 2018 7:21 am Published by Leave your thoughts


One Of The Biggest Issues For Entrepreneurs Is TIME!

What if it was possible for you to find an extra 2 hours a day Guaranteed?

Imagine that. 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month. Why, that is nearly a whole extra work week per month. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I will tell you how to achieve this shortly but before I do I want  to reinforce how important What I am about to share with you is to your future self.

Its is a simple productivity formula that if followed will not only find you at least 2 hours a day in your life, but make you more productive than you ever thought possible.

I would like to say that I developed this system, (that is what I would LIKE to say,) however, I need to give credit to Brian Tracy who I worked with many years ago, and say THANK YOU to him.

The bottom line is that most successful people I know have developed success habits.

I have created a PDF of my success habits below.

If you would like have a copy of them then simply  click the button below and grab one. (I urge you to laminate it, put it on your fridge or in your office and apply them)

The habits are self explanatory.

However, to put it into context here is my daily routine!

4.00am I wake up with a smile on my dial, I have my gym gear beside my bed and sneak out like a NINJA so that my wife does not yell at me for waking her up at this ungodly hour 🙂

I grab a banana and I am on my way.

5.00am I am at the Gym and work out for about 45 min

6.10am I am back home and make my Isagenix protein shake and take my vitamins.

6.30am I feed the chooks, the geese check on the horses and put chlorine in our pool.

7.00am Make sure the girls are up, and head into my office to study a particular topic that I want to master. (eg Facebook marketing etc.)

8.00am Sit with my wife and daughter to discuss the day

8.30am I write my goals and Use my 80/20 sheet to prioritise what I work on first

9.00am My day starts and I have breaks every 1.5 hours to move around and drink water.

5.00pm Main work finishes

5.30pm. I ask three questions.

What did I do right?

What can I improve?

What am I grateful for? (thank you for that one Shivaun)

I then write down my goals again and make a journal entry on what I learned today and map out what I will achieve tomorrow.

6.00pm Family and dinner time

8.30pm Bedtime ready to rock and roll again the next day.

OH! I nearly forgot to share with you how to find that 2 hours a day! Watch the video to find out 🙂

Click the button below to download the Million Dollar Success Habits Poster


Million Dollar Success Habits

Always Focus On Building a Business Not A Job!

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