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How To Become a Consultant – Success from Failure

July 30, 2018 9:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


How crazy do you think this world is getting?

People are becoming redundant, bank branches are closing down.

According to the latest research from CEDA 40% of jobs will disappear in the next 10-15 years.

source: https://www.ceda.com.au/News-and-analysis/Media-releases/More-than-five-million-Aussie-jobs-gone-in-10-to-15-years



And if you are over 45 try finding a job with someone, you might as well give up before you begin, because they are as rare as hens teeth.

What if there was a career that did not need a PHd, or require you to go to university, but allowed you to create a Six Figure, or even a Seven Figure income for yourself.

Well there is, and I am living proof that it is possible.

In this discovery blog I am going to answer some questions that many people have when they are first considering a new career as a Business Consultant

But, before I address those questions let me speak to the reason consulting is one of the best vocations in the world.


When considering a new career as a Business Consultant you should ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Will I enjoy doing this?
  2. Can I do it?
  3. Does this have the potential to create the income required for my desired lifestyle?
  4. Is it an evergreen industry. In other words, will it disappear like offset printing and dark room photography?


Let me speak to the first question.

Q1 – Will I enjoy being a Business Consultant?

Obviously I can’t speak for you but

What other job, or business really provides a WIN – WIN ?

In this industry you can earn a Six or even Seven Figure income but at the same time, you actually make an incredible difference on other peoples lives. In addition to this you do not need staff, or high overheads.

The only qualification you need is a deep desire to learn new things and to help people succeed.

I can honestly say that there are people that still have their businesses, their houses and their spouses because I was involved in their lives in some way. And that is why I belive this is one of the greatest careers in the world.

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Q2 – Can I really become a Highly Paid Business Consultant?

Well obviously I do not know you, and I cannot promise you will succeed because I d not know how much effort you will put in.

What I can say is that if you can follow a system, and are willing to take action, and have reasonable communication skills, the only reason I can think of that you would not succeed is because you procrastinate and do not follow the steps that we teach you.

Why do I say that? Because there is not one Business Consultant that I have trained that has followed all the steps that  I have asked them to do and not got a client. As a result, many of them are now Six and even Seven figure business consultants.

How to Become a Business Consultant

Q3 – Can I really create a Six or Seven Figure Income as a Business Consultant?

If you had a proven system to be able to generate qualified leads, and then have a Sales system that many advisors report acheives a 70% conversion rate, and then had a methodology that has proven to have helped literally thousands of businesses have better results do you think you have all the ingredients of a good business?

let me give an example

So, imagine a business owner has a problem, they are not making enough profits to keep the business alive.

Along comes a business consultant and says to him, Would you like some help, and better yet, If I help you it is more than likely that it wont cost you a cent.

What do you think the business person would say to the business advisor?

Of Course I would love some help.

Then the consultant says GREAT! I am happy to help you. Obviously I need to eat so all I will ask a small retainer of $3,000.00 per mth, and a small contingency of 5% of any additional profits I help you achieve over and above what you have accomplished to date.

In other words, If I help you make an extra $40,000.00 per month in profits would you be willing to give me back $3,200.00 ?

That means the $3,000.00 retainer plus the 5% contingency of $2,000.00

What business owner would not take that deal?

This would be $5,000.00 * 12 mths = $60,000.00

If you repeated this process just 6 times you would have 6 clients each paying you $60,000.00 = $360,000.00

And generally after you have put the foundation systems into a business you are working with them 2-3 hours a week.

End result in this example 6 clients at 3 hours a week equals 18 hours per week

Income $360,000.00

Are you starting to understand why I love this industry?

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Does a Business Consultant Need To Be Good At Sales?

The great thing about Business Consulting is that if you have your clients interests at heart and you can show them a simple clear plan that will add potentially 300% growth to their results and you had a way that you could guarantee their results that was risk free for both you and them then I think you can imagine it is no longer a matter of selling – it is merely a matter of helping someone. And who does not like to be helped?

Many of my business advisors report up to a 70% conversion rate. (although I am not making any claims or promises here that you can achieve this as I do not know you.)

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Do You Need Qualifications To Be A Business Consultant?

  • The key qualifications you require to succeed in this business are:
  • A deep passion to help other people succeed
  • Love to learn new skills
  • Reasonable communication skills
  • Being able to follow a system
  • Being able to take action when something makes sense.
  • Be coachable (in other words do not think you know more than your mentor does in this particular are of expertise)
  • If you have these qualities then I believe it is near impossible nor to succeed .

It really is a paint by numbers process and if you are willing to put the effort in to follow the system then nearly anyone can succeed in this career.

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