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How To achieve 100% growth in a company within six months or Less!

July 11, 2017 4:20 am Published by

Hello. Ian Marsh here, author of The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success. Would you like to see how I achieve 100% growth in a company within six months? Well, keep watching and you’ll soon find out. Hello. You want to see how I achieve 100% growth in a company in six months or less?

Well, keep watching. I’m just about to share this with you.

How do we achieve this ? You may ask.

Well, I am about to ask you to do something that seems totally counter productive.


I’m actually sitting here right now, probably in the most money-rewarding activity that any business owner can do.

As I am creating this blog I’m by my pond, watching my geese and horses contemplating what I want to happen  in next six months for my company.

I have no staff asking me silly questions, no family members seeking my attention, I am just in the moment taking time out to create my future.

As a result of this planning it is an odds on favourite that, in the next six months, I will have at least 100% growth in my company.

How do I know this?

Well, it’s something that I just do time and time again. Many people think that it’s just luck or it’s a fluke that people get successful in business. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. What it actually is is that somebody decides that they want to achieve something, and then they take the commitment, they take the dedication and they sit down and commit that Vision to paper. Yes, this is called a Goal. They then document an action plan to achieve the Goal, and they then hold themselves accountable to execute the action plan they created.


Well, usually, pretty darn good. In fact, they have just increased their chances of success by at least 10 fold.

As I said earlier I am just taking a time out from my strategic Planning, but I am about to get back to  analysing everything that’s going  right in the organisation and I’m analysing everything that I could improve.

I’m also looking at the maths of how many leads I’ll need to have to come into the company, what my conversion will need to be to make that happen, what sort of level and what sort of size sales team will I need to create to get the end result that I want?

When you look at it unemotionally and when you consider not so much the size of the growth but really the reason why you do what you do, it’s actually not that hard to achieve this sort of result.

When was the last time that you took time out and just thought about your company?

When was the last time that you took time out and assessed the results that you’re achieving?

Would it be fair to say that many of you out there are so flat out keeping the wheels turning that you’re putting fires out left, right, and centre and you’re not actually having a look at the results that you’re starting to achieve?

This is why I come down here. This is my favourite place in our property because I sit here, I chill, I just look at the animals,relax and think about what things I have done that have gotten me a great return and what things have I done that, looking at it again, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten involved in ? Belive me, We all make mistakes.

If you take the time out to actually consider how your life is travelling, how your business is travelling, and the results you’re actually achieving, it is astounding the results that you actually achieve just by taking a day off and thinking.

Some people may consider what I am doing GOOFING off.

I can assure you nothing could be further from the truth..


Take a half day off and analyse the results of all your efforts.

Consider what you did right. What you could improve. And what goals you are going to achieve for the next Quarter.

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