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Give Me One Good Reason why should your customers do business with you?

July 25, 2017 3:23 am Published by

Hello. Ian Marsh here, author of the Inconvenient Truth About Business Success and today I’m going to ask you why should your customers do business with you?

Hey guys. Well, isn’t that a pretty powerful question? Why should your client do business with you over and above the hundreds or even thousands of other choices that they have on the planet. Well, the better you can answer that question, the better your business is going to do. You see, so many individuals are so busy being an electrician or being a lawyer or being an accountant that they haven’t actually taken time out to why people should do business with them. They don’t give a reason, a valid reason to stand the individual out from somebody else. I mean, let’s look at the car industry for example. Right. How do you decide who you should buy a car from? Let’s say you want a Holden, okay? So you got two Holden dealers.

They both sell Commodores.

If you’ve got two Commodores and you got two dealers, how are you going to differentiate those two cars from each other? Well, it’s a bit tough.

There’s only one thing that can differentiate them usually and that is price and when you get down to that level, ladies and gentlemen, when you get down to just focusing on price, above and beyond anything else, well, it’s a pretty slippery curve to the bottom.

So, how do you make your Commodore not look like a Commodore? How do you have a client choose your Commodore instead of the competitors?

You want your Commodore to look like something else. Initially, both products are like Apples, Essentially exactly the same item.
Yours need to turn your apple into an apple pie with cream and a cherry on top so that people want to choose your Commodore instead of your competitors.

So how many apple pies have you created in your business?

Probably very few.

When was the last time you just took time out to sit by the beach or have a glass of red with your friends and talk about why people should be doing business with you.

The more time you spend on how you can work out a compelling reason how you can help your clientele better (apart from just price), the faster your business will get to

where you want it to go.

This is a Million Dollar Question ladies and Gentleman.

Hope this helps, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, there are some core inconvenient truths that if you apply them in your company can make an incredible amount of difference. So, if this idea makes sense to you and you want to know more, then simply subscribe to our You Tube channel.
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