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Are you Getting The Results You Hoped For in Business?

September 29, 2017 1:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Hello Fellow Business Owners.

Do you think it would be OK for a minute to take a time out and have a look at the results of what you are doing and where you are heading in your business and life?


You have kept reading, that means I have hit a nerve with you somehow, well hang in there until the end because there will be a big AHA moment for you coming up.

Before I address the elephant in the room however, I want to share a short true story with you.

It is about 2 Restaurant owners. One lives in Melbourne in one of the best locations and suburbs of Melbourne.

The other is located in Randwick.

So, here is the situation before I got involved.

Both Restaurants were losing money hand over fist each month and needed to turn their businesses around quick smart.

So, I created a fantastic marketing strategy for both restaurants. When I say it was powerful, man was it powerful.

So, with great pride I share this marketing wonder with the two restaurant owners at the same time very confident in seeing BIG results occur in a short period of time.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself “What were the results Ian?” Hang on, I will tell you in a minute, but I would like to take a sidebar and share a universal formula of success with you.

Streetsmart Formula For Massive Success

Formula for massive success

Find a burning need (hungry crowd, restaurant patrons) + Find a Compelling Solution (great food and experience) + Proven Sales and Marketing System (let them know you exist and how you can help them + Proven Mentor (Ensure someone that is 5 times more successful than you in that particular area) + Close Monitoring of results (accountability) + Burning Desire To Succeed

When you apply this formula to any business you will wonder where all the money has been hiding all these years.

So, now back to my story of the two restaurant owners.

OK, so they both have the Marketing and Sales systems, they both have the training in how to execute, and, you would think, they would both have similar results upon launching Right? WRONG!

In Randwick profits and growth soared to a 47% improvement within 90 days

In Melbourne ,the profits continued to drop.

How is this possible? Well, I am afraid the Restaurant owner in Melbourne was missing THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE FORMULA.

Can you guess it?

That’s right, the Burning Desire to succeed. She went through the motions, and put on a game face, but did not have her heart in her business, and as a result her business is now going in the same direction as her emotions.

Sadly, this client has so much anger and resentment towards the business that she was manipulated into that, despite her trying to get enthusiastic about turning it around, quite frankly the thought of walking in the doors depressed her.


This person is one of the nicest ladies you would ever meet, and that is why (despite my severe reservations) I took her on.

But the simple fact is :

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can’t Make It Think!

What about you?

As a business owner, things can happen that can risk bringing you down. Can start putting out the fire in your belly that motivated you to make that crazy decision to go to work for yourself in the first place.

Take this Quick Quiz!

  1. When you wake up of a morning do you bounce out of bed saying “Look out world, here I come!” Yes/No
  2. Are you setting new growth targets in all areas of your business to improve or innovate? Yes/No
  3. Are you holding yourself, and your team accountable for the results you are all responsible for? Yes/No


If you answered NO to any of the above, look out, Your Fire is Dying.

It is time to remember why you got into business in the first place.

To create the income that will provide the desired lifestyle you want for your family

To create the Freedom to be able to control your future, not having it controlled by someone else.

To live life on your terms.

So, how is that working for you? Give yourself a score of 1-10   1 being you have given up and 10 being “You Beauty, I have got it nailed!”

If you gave yourself anything less than a 7 then you are in the danger zone.

So, what are you going to do about it?

If you are looking for answers then my Streetsmart Business Acceleration Kit may help.

If you are serious about increasing results in a BIG way then I am happy to send you this $1,580.00 gift for FREE. (You just contribute towards the P&H)

Streetsmart Amazing Free Gift


If you are not serious then I would strongly recommend it is time to GET OUT! Because you are either Growing of Dying, and if you do not recognise that you are in a default holding pattern, that is exactly when life sends you a curve ball. (Trust me, I know!)

Until next time

Be Streetsmart, Not Sheepsmart

Ian Marsh

P.S I have a weekly show called Streetsmart Business Solutions TV every Tuesday Night at 6.30pm Brisbane time. Last Tuesday I spoke to this exact situation. If you would like to see the episode Click here  Please follow me and leave a comment letting me know what I did right, and what I can improve. 

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