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How To Create Leverage So You Own a Business Not A Job!

October 12, 2017 12:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I would like to take you back to the year 1987 to a Suburb Called Toongabbie, located in the west of Sydney, where two friends were sitting on a brick  fence together engaged in a serious conversation.

Their names were Ian and Mr X (Mr X is real, however he is my best friend, and I would rather keep it that way, so I will not reveal his name here.)


Ian was moaning and groaning about how hard it was to succeed in business, and that the game is rigged against every day people like us. I see other electricians that seem to be killing it with their business and yet I struggle just to get by.

“If Only I could make $300.00 a day, all my problems would be over and I would be on easy Street. Is that too much to ask Mr X?”

It was to be another 13 years of struggle before Ian started to discover how to get into the Speed Wealth Zone!

Yes, that Ian was me, and yes I went on to make 10 times, even 20 times that daily figure. But, how did that happen if I still only had the same amount of hours in the day, continually saying there is not enough time to get things done!

The answer was LEVERAGE!

In the year 2000 I got very serious about personal development and became a student of Business. Within 3 years of that decision I had built one of the largest domestic, light commercial air conditioning companies in Australia.

I simply made a SERIOUS commitment to become a Master of Business and the way I did that was to Seek out the BEST mentors in different skill areas such as Sales, Marketing, Management to name a few.

So what does finding the right mentor have to do with Leverage?

Well, I leveraged their Knowledge. They had spent decades learning their knowledge to get the results they were getting.

I was able to condense 10-30 years of experience into 1 year of serious study and implementation. In effect gaining a 30 X amount of Leverage.

OK, I now knew what I should be doing, I then had two choices!

Choice 1: Do everything myself! (no Leverage)

Choice 2: Find great people to do the LMS (Lesser Mortal Stuff) whilst I focus on the HPTS (Highly Productive Tasks and Strategies) High Leverage

Think about what a Business owner is responsible for




When you look at these areas that every business owner needs to look after it is obvious that unless you build a great team around you, you are destined to fail. (Because trust me, one of your competitors WILL create it for you and that means you lose the clients you already have)


Why Don’t More Business Owners Leverage?

There is only one reason. FEAR

They fear what will happen if :

  • They do hire someone and they don’t work out?
  • They expand and then do not have enough work?
  • What will my spouse think if I decide to step outside my comfort zone?

I have GOOD NEWS for you:

Everyone has these types of fears going on inside their brains!

The difference between the 92.5% of Business Owners that never do more than a Million in Turnover, and the 7.5 % that do, is that the successful people face those fears, and push through them, and as soon as they have made that DECISION they become successful. The results and dreams they hoped for when they started their business are on their way. It is just a matter of time.

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