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Change Your Mindset, Change the Game!

April 11, 2019 7:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts


“If You Think You Can Or Can’t Your Right!”

Personally, I’d much rather think I can šŸ™‚

This week I interviewed a lady that believed she had to live a certain way and had lost the belief that she deserved the good things in life.

Luckily she found me and learned how to become a business consultant and as a result her thinking went from “I can’t!”Ā  to “How Can I?” and within 48 hours of her getting back home her world changed!

What had happened was that life had temporarily kicked the stuffing out of her over time. (Do you know anyone else like that?)

You know what I am talking about, maybe you have tried ventures in the past and did not get the result you hoped for, or perhaps a partner reguarly making snide remarksĀ  and not supporting you, or friends and family saying “Don’t do that!” What if it doesn’t work?

Not thinking about the other side of the coin.

“What if it does work!

Please understand, I am not having a go at your spouses, friends or family. Many of them mean well and believe they are protecting you from yourself.

For you to understand why people may not be as supportive of you as they should be you need to understand one thing.

People are wired to do more to protect what we have so we don’t lose it, rather than take a risk (even a small one) to get something more.

Here is an example of what I mean.

Imagine you are in a job earning $80,000.00 per annum.

Even though it is not enough for you to buy the house you really want, or to send your child to the schools you know they should be attending or maybe not having the holidays you really want to have, you persevere in the “JOB” because you know that as long as you don’t rock the boat there will still be food on the table and a roof over your family’s head.

You do this year after year, even though you know that if you made an effort to develop new skills or perhaps go into business for yourself, there is HUGE likelihood that you could double, even triple your income.

So, why do people stay put and feel largely unsatisfied with their results?

It is because your brain is trying to protect you from the unknown as it has done since the dawn of time when we were living in caves because back then the unknown had a high likelihood of being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger.

These days our brains are still wired the same, even though there are no sabre tooth tigers out there anymore.

I urge all of you to REBELIEVE in yourself so that you can live the life you want to live instead of the life you have to live.

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Change your Mindset Change The Game

Hello everyone, it is now 6:31 and I’ve been looking forward to having this conversation today. You might be wondering why we’re breathing a sigh of relief right now because until about 28 seconds ago, we had no audio from the wonderful Vicki all the way in South Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason I gather you all here tonight, ’cause it’s gonna be a bit of fun. I’ve got an amazing lady that I’ve asked to be on this Facebook live tonight simply to share her story. I’m going to throw to you in a second, Vicki, but right now I’m going to say look at me ’cause I’m super handsome. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s what I’d love to do tonight. I just got off the phone with Vicki earlier today and I got to say, I was so impressed with the amazing way that Vicki’s life has changed. Here’s the bottom line, is in my world, I see so many people that are capable of so much. But sadly, they do not have the right guidance or perhaps the right support system around them. So rather than them really achieve what’s possible in their world, they sort of meander along and they stack. And they largely feel unfulfilled because they know they can achieve so much and yet they don’t. I asked Vicki at very short notice if she would mind coming on tonight and just sharing a bit of her journey that she’s only just starting, by the way, with my raving fans, which is you. I’d love to ask her a couple questions about her journey so far because I feel it’s going to relate a lot to many of you that are watching tonight. With that, Vicki, welcome aboard. Again, thank you for joining me tonight and sharing your story. How are you, Vicki? Hi, Ian. I’m really well, thank you. Oh, great. Now, part of this world we’re in right now, obviously we’re doing Facebook live … Just for everyone out there, I want you all to know the technology I’m using, it’s pretty cool. It’s called belive.tv. It’s very, very economical but it’s a really cool programme to use, as you can see, those of you that are watching this right now. Look, tonight what I’d love to do, Vicki, if it’s okay with you, is just share a little bit of the journey that you’ve taken so far on the world of you becoming a business advisor, and more learning how to be more street smart in how you’re approaching things. So with your permission, I’d love to ask you a couple of questions about the story so far and how the game is changing for you. Is that okay? Yeah, sure. Oh, beautiful. So tell us Vicki, you got the idea in your head, a very smart one, to become a street smart business advisor. Can I ask you what motivated you to actually start seeking me out and learning more about how to become a business consultant? Well I recently moved to south Australia and bought a coffee van, the People Versus Coffee. And moved to [inaudible 00:03:48] in the Barossa Valley. But I found that I was struggling a little bit and really needed help and some incentive because I felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere and I just needed some advice, I suppose. So I started looking online and I came across some of your Facebook chats and something about you resonated with me. I felt that you were somebody that I could talk to and would help me out. So that’s why I rang you. It was obviously my debonair good looks and charm, would that be right? Definitely. I’ll pay you later for that one. Obviously now, again, I want to just touch base on your coffee van for those people, ’cause I know we’ve got fans in south Australia. Tell me the name of your coffee van. It’s the People Versus Coffee. We’re out in the Barossa Valley. Oh, that’s beautiful country out there. My wife comes from there, Vicki, so it really is a blessed country. Okay, you made the call and we had a conversation. At the time, I know you had a few concerns and a few worries. What were the biggest concerns? Because let’s face it, it is a big decision for you to touch. Jake says, “Can you turn up your volume?” So maybe if you put your head closer to the microphone, or just talk in a lot bigger voice, Vicki, just to help these people. Great to hear from you, Jake. What were some of the worries that crossed your mind as you were having a conversation and making a decision whether you should learn these consulting skills or not? Well I realised that the coffee van was going to take me longer than I thought it would to get it up and running, to give me a decent income. I did have some residual income coming from my work in [inaudible 00:05:58], but I was just starting to panic a little bit that I wasn’t going to have enough income to live off of. I started looking for A: For advices with my business, but also for something else to do. When I saw your Facebook videos, it just seemed to be the right thing. I felt that it could not only help me in my business, but then I could turn around and help other people who were experiencing the same things I have. And to give them some help and advice when you’re feeling really down and struggling, it’s really soul destroying and it’s really great to have somebody who can help you out. And that’s what you’ve done for me, so I thought it would be something that I could do for other people. Yeah. And again, Vicki, you’re a star of a person. I knew that when we first starting having our conversation together because you shared some things with me that was between you and I, and they stayed very confidential. But things were a little bit tough for you because you were there on your own and everything was on your shoulders, is that right? Yes, that’s true. I had made the massive decision to move states on my own. Something I have done before, but not for a very long time, so I really jumped out of my comfort zone and I was really struggling a little bit and really didn’t have a massive amount of support. So you invested in this coffee business, and ladies and gentlemen, the margins in coffee, oh my god. I mean, they’re spectacular! So it is a really, really high profit margin business. However, a very common mistake, and not just Vicki, but so many people make this mistake, is that they decide to go into business, and then they go and try to find a client. Does that make sense? ‘Oh, let’s open a restaurant and then find customers.’ How un-wise or un-street smart is that? But I call it street smart thinking because no one ever thought you any different. So you invest in a vehicle, but you didn’t know at the time to ask, ‘Well, what’s your lead generation system? How do I find my clients? And how do I keep them coming back?’ Would that be a fair question, Vicki? Yes, most definitely. I did buy it as a going concern and I did have some bookings, but not very many. And I had a small list of clients that the previous owners had. But I moved the van from Adelaide to the Barossa, which is 70 odd kilometres. That 70 kilometres made a massive difference because I wanted to bring the business into the Barossa. It was like starting brand new, basically. Yeah. And again, ladies and gentlemen, this is just simple business investment because part of my life is buying, building, and selling businesses. That’s a great way to make a living. Whenever you’re thinking of investing in any business, it needs to have at least three key criteria. Number one is it must have a proven lead generation system. And it must have a proven sales system so it can convert that lead into a client. And then most importantly, you’ve got to be able to keep your promises. If you promise somebody great coffee and you deliver crappy coffee, are they going to invite you back to their premises, Vicki? Yes or no? No, definitely not. No. Oh, hey, Harvey. How are you, mate? Harvey’s on the call as well. Great to see you, buddy. So that’s another very sharp cookie that’s done the advisor training, ladies and gentlemen. But please remember that, whenever you’re investing in any sort of business at all, you must ask these three questions of the person and that is, ‘Where is your lead generation system? Where’s you’re sales system? And where’s your delivery system, or keep your promises system?’ At a very minimum. If you have those three things, then the next thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got good profit margins in what you offer. Okay, so now just to rewind we were up to. You decided to go to Barossa and you realised, ‘Well, I don’t really have a lead generation system.’ And you also realised … In fact, when, I think, I was talking to you, I think you had very, very minimal bookings, was that correct? That was correct, yes. I had next to nothing after Christmas. Yeah. Yeah, so the cash flow was a bit tight, let’s say. Tighter than a frog’s bottom. So okay, you were facing some challenges, and you obviously made that decision. You put that trust in me to help provide you the skills so that you could then start to turn this business around. So what happened? You came over to the Gold Coast and I promised you three things there. I promised you’d learn about lead generation. I promised you that you’d learn how to do sales. And I promised you how you could improve a business and start getting results for a business owner. Do you remember me saying that to you, Vicki? Yes, you did. That’s for sure. And [crosstalk 00:11:47]. So did I keep my promises? Yeah, most definitely. I came home with a whole new attitude about how I was going to do things. That was part of it as well, was thinking about … not worrying about where the money’s going to come from, think about how you’re going to get out there and generate the leads and then turn them into sales. And that’s kind of exactly what I did. The same day I came home, I went out to see one of the wineries that I had spoken to once on the phone and ended up booking a couple of events with them. I now have ongoing business with them and every time they have an event, I’m out there and about once a month I turn up on a Saturday at their [inaudible 00:12:41]. It works exceptionally well for both of us. That was the first thing I did when I got home. They were really happy to have me and we do have a really nice relationship. Then a lot of other things that Ian had said to me to do was to start thinking about how I’m going to get out there. In the Barossa, they’re a little [inaudible 00:13:09] here, which is very nice. It’s slightly old fashioned. So talking and have a face to speak to instead of just the phone works exceptionally well here. I’ve found a lot of work talking to wineries and local businesses. It really has helped. It’s just now a couple of months on, it’s really starting to ramp up. People are starting to recognise the van and have heard good things about me, I heard today, which is really nice. And that my coffee is really lovely and that, I think … I put in place the money back guarantee that Ian suggested and people are appreciative of that. I also donate to a local charity now, one of the primary schools here. People are impressed with that as well. I think my attitude has changed entirely. I gather it’s most probably noticeable to my customers because I get return clients that want me back. There’s always comments about the coffee and the service and the happy faces, me and my friend that helps me out. So it’s really nice. I love the feedback. Yeah. And again, for those individual … Oh, we’re getting some feedback here. I wonder what that’s from. Have you got your Facebook open, like a Facebook page, perhaps, Vicki? No? No, I- It’s all good now, I think. It’s all good now. But here’s what I wanted to cover off on. In fact, you’ve just touched on it, but this is where, quite honestly, most of the amazing transformations happen with the students that I train. And that is even though I believe that I’ve developed some of the best consulting systems on the planet, lead generation, sales, and business optimization, the key impact I feel I have with my clients that I’ve trained is the way that you start thinking. Yes. Instead of thinking, ‘I can’t,’ we start transferring it and saying, ‘How can I? How can I do this? How can I do that? Of course I can do this. I’m as good as anybody else.’ I have to say, Vicki, you are not the same person today that you were when you walked in my … Well that’s eight or nine weeks ago, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was the middle of January. So yeah, it’s [crosstalk 00:15:56]- Yeah, middle of January. You’ve totally transformed. You’ve got that smile on your face and you’ve got that confidence in your voice, and just so happy that things are going well for you. Again, just to give people an idea, and I’ll be straight up, it’s coming from a fairly low base. But would it be fair to say that your income now has improved hundreds of percent simply because you started implementing some of the things that we shared with you in the training, Vicki? Oh, definitely. If I had just don’t a lot of those things, going to the bank to get a generator up and running, that’s coming into fruition now, doing the money back guarantees, and the donations. All those things sort of work together to improve my income. And also, how to approach a client and talk to them on the phone or email them. And just my whole attitude change. Getting up earlier in the morning, doing [crosstalk 00:17:00]- Oh, good on you, Vicki. Yes, those habits, those success habits, fantastic. And now you’re starting to make really good connections as well, aren’t you, with the business community there? The networking side of things? I’m actually going to … I’ve been accepted with Global Publishing to write a book about my coffee van and me. And it’s [crosstalk 00:17:26]- Oh, yeah. … so that’s happening this year. And that’s really … I’ve met some amazing people going to the workshops with Dan Stevens, a friend of yours. You put me in contact with him, that was wonderful. And I’ve met a couple of people from south Australia who are really up and going. One’s already written a book, and another lady’s writing a book with me. We talk quite often. It’s really amazing, and it’s so [crosstalk 00:18:02]- Yeah. … and when I’m feeling a little down, I just need to speak to Dan and it really helps to have somebody who is up and going and getting there. It really helps and it’s really uplifting for me. Yeah. So just a little sidebar again for everyone watching, one of the things I say to all of my students … I actually have one here. Let me just … always practise what I preach. Just a few of my students that have trained me. Here’s one of my latest books, “The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success.” A very good friend of mine, Basil Nuredini. Another advisor, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Another advisor, Simon Bowen,Ā “Reveal The Ultimate Success Blueprint.” Another advisor, “The Wow Factor.” And I love this lady, Irene. She’s a world class copywriter now as well, she makes an incredible living as a copywriter. And I’ve got many more. Why have so many of my advisors written their own books? Well, it’s such a powerful positioning tool, ladies and gentlemen. You’re an instant expert and authority. It is a great, great tool. So look, just in closing, Vicki, and again, I thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us tonight … What would you say to anyone that was considering doing the advisor training and learning these skills that I’ve been sharing with you? Have you got any thoughts for them? I do, do it. Ian is amazing. He’s so uplifting and so positive. You can’t go wrong, really. Even if you do it just for your own business, but preferably you do it to become a consultant, it is invaluable the amount of information and advice that you have given. All that I’ve learned has been invaluable in my existing business as well. It has really helped … and me personally as well as in my business, for sure. So thank you, Ian. My pleasure, Vicki. And I just saw another amazing lady join us. Theu, how are you? Another success story. I’m so proud of you as well and the things you’ve already done in your world. If about wants a great accountant in Perth, Total Care Accounting. Go and say hello to Theu over there, all right? Again, one last plug. Now, I’m going to get this right. The People Versus Coffee, is that right? People Versus Coffee [crosstalk 00:21:09]. The People Versus Coffee. Okay. Make sure you … well, I can’t spell obviously. But the peopel, okay? But you got the idea. So that’s where you want to go. Anyone in the Barossa, give Vicki a call and you’ll get the best coffee on the planet, guaranteed. Definitely. [crosstalk 00:21:31]. Again, thanks very much, Vicki, for joining us. And Theu, Harvey, Jake, everyone, take care. I’ll catch you next week. Bye, guys. Thanks, Ian. Bye.