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The No 1 Reason Why Most Business Owners Do Not Have A Reliable Predictable Online Lead Generation System.

November 8, 2017 8:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As a Business Owner you would have to agree that having an effective online presence is critical in this day and age, and yet, if we carried out an audit of 100 Business Owners this is the result we would get.


Where did these numbers come from? NO- Not out of my bottom! They come direct form the Australian Bureau of Statistics.*


Does anyone else, apart from me find this confronting?


Now, I am assuming that all of these Business Owners want to Increase Sales, Increase Profits and Improve their Businesses, and yet nearly half of all businesses do not take this obvious critical step to improve their results.


Why Don’t They Do The Obvious and Get An Online Presence?

Well, there are many possible reasons but they all boil down to one biggie.


Lack Of FOCUS!

Many Business Owners are so busy keeping the wheels turning that they have not managed to make time for this obvious MASSIVE game changer in their Business.


Think about it.


They need to ensure that :


Bookeeping, Payroll, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Cleaning, Hiring Staff, Firing Staff, Leadership, Quality Control, Security and yes, even cleaning the Toilet gets done properly in their business and by the time they keep juggling these responsibilities (and many more) they think there is no time to do Online Marketing in their Business.


And even more Importantly, EFFECTIVE online marketing.

If you are relating to what I am saying then I have some Great News For You.


There is time, and you can create a fantastic Online Marketing System for your business if you do just ONE THING!





With everything thing that a Sheepsmart business owner has to be responsible for there is not a chance that they can get a chance to Focus on the Truly Important Strategies and Tasks, because they have to ensure all the other areas of their business are operating correctly.


But, if they are willing to become Streetsmart about their Business then it is quite simple to improve their online presence in a matter of Weeks. (and it won’t cost a fortune)


Just follow the four steps below and you will start tapping into a massive market that you did not know existed.

Streetsmart System For Creating A Reliable, Predictable, Affordable Online Lead Generation System!

  1. Determine what you want to accomplish Online
  2. Find an Expert that can Create the Solution for you BUT do not TRUST THEM!
  3. Go Into Lockdown for three Days to Understand the Key Principles that need to be achieved and how to achieve them.
  4. Find the team required to fulfill these requirements and set them on their Path.(making sure you hold them accountable)


If you follow these four simple but Logical steps, within a week you will start to have the beginnings of a fantastic Online Lead Generation System.


Within 3 months you will be starting to smile


And when you look back in 12 months you will feel sorry for the other business owners out there that are still Sheepsmart, instead of Streetsmart Entrepreneurs!

If you would like to talk to us about becoming more Streetsmart in Any area of your Business simply click the Streetsmart Business Breakthrough Application Below