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Gold Coast – Brisbane Business Consultants

May 15, 2021 9:59 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Gold Coast – Brisbane Business Consultants

Gold Coast Business Consultants and Brisbane Business Consultants. How to choose the best consultant for your business.

Here are some important questions to ask when considering choosing a business consultant on the Gold Coast.

In fact, this reminds me of a client I had many years ago in Sydney
They called me in desperate for help and saying they want more leads and sales or they will go broke.
So, as I do with all my clients is I listened carefully, and then took control of the situation.
I started off by wanting to learn all the numbers in their business. And very quickly I could see something was not right in their business.
I asked to see their job cards, and as I investigated I discovered that they were losing money because their painters had to keep going back to the same jobs to fix up shoddy work.
Now, they were working for one of the largest project home builders in Sydney at the time and I had to give them some hard truths.
I showed them that they were losing money on all their project home jobs, and making good profits in their private jobs.
They had to make some hard decisions.
I advised them that they had to see the builder personally the next day and one of three things had to happen.
  1. You ask for a price increase and they give it to you.
  2. You sack your builder immediately. (And that meant about $4million in sales)
  3. You close up shop, pack up your bags, because you will be broke in 60 days.

Luckily he took my advice, the builder refused to give him an increase and they stopped working for them.

I then created a residential marketing system for their business and their profits took off.

Ironically, about 6 months later the builder asked them if they could please come back, and they paid the increased rate.

So the moral to the story is, business consultants on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane MUST know the lay of the land. They need to determine if you need help with increasing your leads, or perhaps you need to improve your sales conversions first.

They then look at your profitability and systems. And most importantly your human resources.

When they have all the information, only then do they start creating a plan and helping you work out the priorities.

Streetsmart Business Consulting Tip #3:
If a business consultant starts spitting out strategies and tactics before they have all the facts look out.
You MUST have gained all the fundamental knowledge about a business before providing solutions.
Many business consultants are more worried about their EGO and looking good rather than being good.
Business Consulting Services

Our List of  Streetsmart Business Consulting Services:

  1. Creating proven online marketing and online lead generation systems.
  2. Building direct mail marketing strategies
  3. Developing high conversion sales systems
  4. Sales training for your team on-site and virtual
  5. Creating strategies to help business owners get off the tools and actually run their companies.
  6.  Profit Optimisation and efficiencies
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Getting businesses ready to sell for maximum dollar

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Choosing a good Gold Coast Business Consultant is a very important decision for the success of your business.

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