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How A Business Advisor Bought A Great Business with no money down!

February 20, 2018 6:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Single Mother (we will call her Mary) working 70 hours a week for $50k
becomes a Streetsmart Business Advisor and Buys a Business for no money down in just 48 hours!

Reason for Becoming Streetsmart Business Advisor:

Frustrated with Working  60-70 hours a week for only 50k per annum, Mary knew she had to make some drastic changes in her life.


Tired of working 60 hours a week?


Mary is in her mid 50s and had very little money saved but had a home with some equity.

She knew that if she did not change her income levels in a hurry, her golden years were not going to be that golden.
Even though Mary had little in the way of resources, she decided to be resourceful and instead of saying to herself “I can’t afford to become an Advisor, she asked a different question. “How can I  become a Streetsmart Business Advisor?”

Mary stepped out of her comfort zone and applied for an equity loan and received the funds to do the training.


Time Frame:

After learning the foundation skills of the Streetsmart Advisor Program and with my assistance we put together a compelling offer to the owner of the business that she wanted to purchase.

Within 48 hours of becoming an Advisor, Mary secured the business without having to outlay any money!

time frame


Mary now has a business with the potential of earning 100k or more, but more importantly, she has become the Master of her own destiny, has developed new skills and has doubled her income by using Streetsmart Strategies.

Mary will now be working 40-45 hours a week, and can now determine her own income levels by applying the Streetsmart strategies that we have taught her.

“You’re only one thought away from changing your life!”



Mary knew that if she kept on doing what she had already done, she would keep getting what she already got.

She summoned up the courage to step out of her comfort zone and, as often happens, this is where the biggest breakthroughs occur.

Mary now has a lot brighter future.
Being ex army I cannot help but finish off this lesson with a slight Variation on the British SAS Motto:

 “Those who Dare, Win!”

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