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Ethical Business Dilemma: What Are You Capable Of ?

April 26, 2021 10:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What Are You Capable Of?

What Are you Capable Of Achieving In Your Business?

So many businesses are small businesses because that is how their owners think.

Every big business once started as a small business.

Why is that?

I can tell you hand on heart that none of us are anywhere near what we are capable of achieving in our business.

I am sure, if you look inside you will see what I am saying is hitting a nerve.

So why do many people fear having bigger dreams and goals?

Are you Scared of Being Judged?

I believe one main reason people do not strive for bigger goals is that they are fearful of being judged and ridiculed.

Ask yourself how many times you have thought about doing something and yet somone close to you has talked you out of it.

Why Are you Listening to Them?

Now consider the advice you have taken from friends and family. What qualifications do they have to give you advice? Are they successful in business? If not then why would you take their advice seriously?

Something I learned a long time ago was:

Only Take Advice From People At Least Five Times More Successful Than You Are in That Particular Area!

Seriously, if they have never grown a Seven or Eight Figure business themselves then why do people give their opinions so much weight?

Watch out for Dream Stealers!

I watch my circle of friends very carefully and am mindful of the thoughts I allow into my mind.

So many times I have seen people with so much potential have their dreams stolen away from them by well meaning friends, family and spouses.

Have you ever noticed everyone seems to have an opinion about something?

I urge all of you to be careful of who you allow to influence you in your life.

What The Commandos Taught Me!

In another life I used to be in 1st commandoes at Mosman.

It was great fun and that is where I started to get an inkling of what people are truly capable of achieving in their lives.

We were given tasks that most people would never dream possible, and yet, with our Sergeant in our face screaming obscenities, somehow we managed to pull off near superhuman activities.

what are you capable of

Action Plan – Possibility Thinking!

Follow these simple steps if you want to achieve more:

  1. Get in a quiet space and relax.
  2. Get a diary out and write down 20 things that you would like to achieve if money was no object.
  3. Out of the 20 items choose three that you would really like to make happen.
  4. Ask yourself “Why haven’t I got them yet?”
  5. Create a simple action plan and take the first step on each one of these three goals.

If You Are Wanting To Improve Your Business Results

Are you serious about achieving higher goals in your business? Then I would be happy to help where I can.

You can book a hidden profits consult by Clicking Here and we can discuss the goals you would like to achieve and a plan to make them happen.


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