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The Best Marketing Tool For Business!

May 15, 2018 9:18 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What Is The Best Marketing Tool In Business?

According To Harvard This Marketing Tool Will Increase Business Revenue By 25% to 90%!

Hi, everyone. Ian Marsh here and what we’re going to be talking about today is probably one of the most powerful and effective marketing tool I’ve ever used in business. Now for those of you that don’t know me, essentially I’ve built some pretty large organisations in my time. These days I run a business school, Street Smart Business School and I’m author of The Inconvenient Truth About Business Success. That’s my latest book. It’s a bloody good book.

Now, let me get back to what I’m talking to you today. You see I want to ask you about your business and your customers. If I was to give you a quiz and there was say $10 million on the line and in that quiz I said to you, “Okay, what percentage of all of your clients know all of the services that you can offer to them?” How many of you would be able to say, “Yes, 100% of my services are known by my clients”? Because, as a consultant these days what I very often find is that so many customers don’t even know that business owners that they have dealt with in the past can help them with a lot of their needs  because they weren’t aware that that they offered those services.


 Question? How do you actually get them to know without being say a pushy salesperson? How do you get to make them aware that you’ve got all of these services?

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Answer: Build a Great Online Newsletter



Well again it’s a matter of just having a marketing tool. A tool that you can use to be able to communicate with your market regularly so you can let them know all the things you can do to help them. I mean think about it. I’m sure all of you have probably got an accountant in your life.

How many of your accountants go above and beyond? Maybe remind you to come in for a quarterly assessment? See how your business is going and do some strategic planning with your finances?

How many of them ever talked to you about the benefits of different structures with corporates? Additionally, maybe even if there’s benefits to you doing some weird and wonderful things to pay the correct amount of tax? By correct amount of tax, I don’t mean doing it illegally. I’m just saying you’d be a fool to pay more tax than you have to.

How many of them have said, “Okay, well what’s your estate or your exit plan if you die.

Have you addressed everything in your will?  Say you did not square your will and estate planning away. What happens to all of the money?”

Did you know that if you do kick the bucket and you haven’t taken care of that, the government gets your money? The government and then it’s stuck there and it is a nightmare for relatives or family to be able to extract the money back out because the government wants the money more than you do, guys. You will need to get an administrator and that will cost you thousands.

Again, this is the benefit of a newsletter. If you are an accountant, you can inform your clients about the importance of quarterly strategic meetings, corporate structures and any other services in your backend.

Have I convinced you yet about the importance of creating a good online newsletter?

Well then, I’m just going to quickly show you a simple way for you to be able to pull together a newsletter and before I do that I want to give you a compelling reason to make this happen.

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A study was done by Harvard Review and they found that if you had an effective way to retain your clients, your income, your revenue will increase anywhere from 25 to 95% and what’s the best customer attention tool in the planet? A newsletter and why a newsletter? Well, it reminds you all the time of how you help people. It keeps you on top of the mind and you’re not sending one every five minutes but make sure when you send the newsletter send a decent one.

I’m just going to show you a very simple one to pull one together so you can send a newsletter at least once a month. You should be communicating with all of your prospects at least once a month. The Americans, my you great friends over there, the masters of online marketing say that you should be emailing them everyday. Well, I don’t know. It just seems a bit overkill for me. I love people that I’m in contact with but I don’t want to hear from them every day. You have got to make the judgement  call. I love weekly but monthly at a maximum. You should connect with your prospects and clients at least once a month.

Greatest Marketing Tool

Step One – Create a Story or Topic         

What we’re going to do is we’re just going to map out a plan. What are you going to talk about and it doesn’t have to be long. I’m going to show you a pretty cool newsletter in a second. Storyboard it out and then


Step Two- Do a Live YouTube or Facebook Broadcast       

step two is do it a live broadcast just like I’m doing now say on YouTube. Now it has to go for say three to eight minutes, it doesn’t have to be very long. The basic rule is Youtube is better for SEO and Facebook is better for targetting your audience.



Step Three – DELEGATE! Find a Personal Assistant marketing tool

Get a virtual assistant to help you and you have them transcribe your videos. That’s an eight minute video. If you get to a site called https://www.rev.com/ , they’ll transcribe the video for a dollar a minute so it’s like three to eight dollars for you to get it transcribed. Get them to do the SEO on your site, and on your video .

You don’t need to get involved so much in how to do it but you need to know it needs to be done if that makes sense.

Then once you’re done with your video, you put the content onto your blog and guess what? You’ve already got the transcription, you get your virtual assistant to set up the blog and it’s done. After that, tell the world you exist. Ask your P.A to send it to:

  • Your List
  • Your Blog
  • Social Media
  • Article Distribution


Well guys, I hope you take my advice. If you would like to learn more proven Business Growth Strategies, then grab a copy of my latest book “The Inconvenient Truth about Business Success!”. This sells in Dymocks for 27.00 but if You cover the postage  I will pay for the book. You will see how I have applied this, and many other simple strategies into my companies and generated well over $70,000,000.o0 in the process.

However, I do only have limited copies so grab one while you can.

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