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How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air- Become a Business Consultant

March 19, 2021 5:02 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Do You Think Someone Would Be Happy To Pay You $200.00 per hour as a Business Consultant?


In this blog, I will show you how you can literally make money out of thin air. Learn how to become a business consultant.

Business consultants have the potential to earn mid six-figure incomes and even Seven figure incomes. Here’s why:

How Is This Possible?

It comes down to being paid for value delivered, not the time taken to do a task.

You were largely taught to get paid by the hour and hope for a pay rise from time to time. This idea comes from the institutions that want you to carry out their bidding at the lowest possible cost.

To have a mid six figure income usually requires you working for yourself in some way. Get paid for the value delivered, not by hours done. This is the real secret to earn mid six figure income.

I will show you an example of just one strategy that business consultants use to create a great income.

Learning the basics and starting getting results for people will take about 3-4 hours of study. This strategy requires some online skills.

The $150k Streetsmart Business Consultant Strategy

As we all know if you are in business you want to be on page one of google.

So I will use the example of a dentist to illustrate my point.

For fun, I typed in the term “dentist Helensvale”. I looked for a business on page 2 of google. (Please note, only 2.5% of people go to page two when searching for something)

I found “Homeworld Dental” there and locked them in as a prospect.


business consultant







Then I looked for the searches that this business is missing out on each month and it is at least 880 as you can see from the results below.

become a business consultant











You have found your prospect. Now You Just Need An Irresistible Offer .

You need to make an offer to your prospect that they can’t refuse. Use the skills you’ve learned to get them onto page one of Google with the Google My Business Strategy.

So I want you to think of yourself as the owner of this Dental Practice for a minute.

If you had someone come to you and say “You are missing out on over 880 searches each month because you are not in the 3 pack.

Would you like to be in that prime position?”

You would more than likely say “Of course I would. How much will it cost?”

And here comes the irresistible offer.

“NOTHING! Wait until I get you in that position, and only then pay me $1500.00 for getting you there.

Once you are there you will see a dramatic increase in leads coming into your dental practice.

Once that happens it is only $1,200 per mth for me to keep you in pole position.”

be a consultant











But How Much Work Is Involved and Can I Do It?

It will take around 4 hours for you to learn the basic skills to get people into that prime position.

I believe that nearly anyone that is serious about becoming a business consultant can learn these skills. 

And when you get them in the pole position it will take around 2 hours a week to keep them there.

If you are thinking of starting your own business then here are a few reasons to consider becoming a business consultant.
  1. Requires relatively little capital to get started and learn these skills.
  2. You have the real potential to generate a Six or even Seven figure income for yourself and your family.
  3. You determine when and with whom you work.
  4. You have very little overhead and do not require staff.
  5. The personal fulfilment you get from helping others succeed cannot be put into words

If you would like to discuss what is involved and if this could be the right business future for you click the big red button and make a time to talk to me.



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P.S If I have not convinced you yet you can learn more how a consultant went from failure to success by clicking here


DISCLAIMER – I make no claims or promises that you will make this kind of money, or in fact any money at all. I can only share what has worked for myself and a number of my clients. I know that my consulting systems work, unfortunately, I just don’t know if you do.