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How To Improve Your Business – Improve Yourself!

May 20, 2018 11:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Listen, this week I want to actually reveal something to you that not many people know. You see, I actually can tell the future, and I’m very accurate with my predictions. No, it’s not some gift from God, I don’t have ESP. I don’t have extra sensory perception that I know of, maybe I do, people may call it intuition. But I really can predict the future to a large degree when it comes to the success of business owners. Generally, I can do it within around about the first five to 10 minutes of having a conversation with them. I will be able to determine if they will be able to improve their business or not.

How do I do this? Well, it’s not that hard really. By the end of this conversation you’re going to be able to predict the future as well. I want you to be able to predict your own business future by the end of this blog.

How would that be? Imagine what would happen with your life. If you could look into the future and predict what’s going to happen in your company tomorrow. What’s going to happen next week, and what’s going to happen in the next 12 months. Well, I’m about  to show you how to do it, and it’s not that hard.

Let’s have a look at an example. Consider business owner A shall we.

The business owner A comes home after working around 12 hours. Gets in the door  around about six or seven. Pretty tired from the work that he/she has done. (For the sake of this example whenever I say He, I mean He/She )

He/She  flops down in front of the TV for , three hours while he/she unwinds and de-stresses. Then rolls off to bed and has a sleep. Gets up around about six o’clock the next morning for the whole process to start again.

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Now, you can sort of realize, if that’s how business owner operates it does not leave room for strategic thinking and self development for Business Owner A.

Looking a week, or a month, or a year ahead, we see that Business Owner A has not been exercising. So they’re probably going to start getting fat. We know that they’re not studying. Which means they will not be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all these new technologies and the changes that you’ve got to be aware of in today’s marketplace.

They are not spending time communicating with their family, so that means the relationship is going to be affected. Why? Because person A is in survival mode, in a rat race. Yes, you’re on that little hamster wheel. You’re running round, and round, and round. You’re not really getting very far fast. I see so many business operators get caught in scenario A when I first start working with them. They get caught in this routine. They develop bad habits and they don’t break out of it.

Business Owner A don’t realize that they are trapped in this dangerous routine. And that’s why they stay where they are, and many individuals in life don’t achieve the things they truly want to achieve in life. Now, let me show you another example. This is business owner B. They are putting in the same hours initially at work. Get home at six o’clock at night. But they have a slightly different routine. And it probably takes about 3% more effort than Business A, but the compounding difference it makes to their lives is huge.

They kiss their partner and children  and says, “Honey, how was your day? Tell me what happened at school.” “How did you go with your homework, let me know what the teacher said to you.”

And then, after  business owner B connects with  the family and let’s them know how much they love them, they sit down and has dinner with them, and really wants to understand what is happening in their lives while the TV is turned off mind you. Then, maybe there’s half an hour of TV or something before they start to head off. But before business owner B goes to bed, they put in that little bit extra effort. (this is where putting in that little extra effort makes all the difference)

Business owner B stays up, goes into the study and has a look in the diary and sees what’s going to be coming up for the next day, so what’s going to occur the next day. What’s going to occur over the next week, and what’s going to occur over the next month, and then writes down their goals. They analyse their calendar and say “Okay, well, if this is what’s going to be occurring over the next day here are the things that I need to prepare to make sure that the day goes smoothly.” So, they’ve now got clarity about what’s going to be occurring the next day.

Only then do they  go to bed only after looking at their goals and knowing what is happening for the next week.

When Business Owner B gets up the next day, the subconscious mind has been working hard as they have been sleeping, and it is finding solutions to the upcoming challenges that were planted there the night before.

I don’t if this has ever happened to you but if you’ve gone to bed thinking about a problem you haven’t got the solution to, but you wake up the next day and you go, “Eureka! I’ve got the answer.” Happens to me all the time. But the reason why is that business owner B has sat down and looked at the upcoming day  and they have  planned what’s going to happen. So, when they get out of bed in the morning their mind largely has any problem solved, so they are  starting to predict his future instead of hope for it.


Business owner B then say’s  “You know what, that  Facebook thingimigig! Everyone seems to say it is a gamechanger.  I’ve got to master it. Everyone says I’ve got to know about Facebook, and I’ve got to know about pay per click, and how it all happens, so let me start learning about it.” What he does is, he says, “You know what, I’m going to go and I’m going to exercise first for an hour, and soon as I get back I’m going to then do some study on this Facebook for an hour a day until I understand this thing. (Business owner A probably thinks. Facebook I would love to learn this skill if only I had time.)


Business Owner B  rolls out of bed at four or four thirty in the morning,( where business owner A rolls out of bed at six).

Owner B starts exercising, has a healthy breakfast and then studies for an hour before they start work.

Now, let me predict the future here. Do you think after Business owner B has been studying for a week on Facebook and putting an hour a day into it that they have got a reasonable understanding of what’s going on? Of course they do, they then have the ability to generate leads at will which menas they can start dialling up their desired income. Do  you think Business owner B can then start predicting their income? Of course they can.


Why, because, Business Owner B is not leaving their success to chance. And what I’m asking you, I’m looking you in the eye right now, and I’m saying are you leaving your business success to chance? Are you letting the world dictate what happens to you because you’ve gotten into a rut? Because you’ve gotten so comfortable doing what you’re doing, because you can’t miss out on My Kitchen Rules, or whatever thing is happening on TV. I mean, I ask you, how does that really improve your life? After you’ve sat down and watched that for an hour, and seen all of this B.S  that’s going on between these people, how has that improved your life? I don’t know.

Now, there’s a case for watching a bit of TV. I’m not saying go and throw it out, but what I am saying is work out what you want to accomplish in life, and how much of the time in your day are you wasting doing things that aren’t improving your life, and enabling your life. It’s actually inhibiting you. It’s a very important question, and when you realize what’s occurring you can start to predict your future. See, I predict how much money I will make in a week, I know how much I’ll make in a month. I know how much I’ll make in a year because I always have clear goals, and out of those goals I always have clear action plans, and out of those action plans I always take massive effort and put the action into those plans so that the goals are achieved. It’s not complicated.

If you want to be healthy guess what? You’ve got to exercise more, eat the right foods, drink more water, okay. Not hard, so I can predict the future. If a guy’s doing that and he’s training five or six days a week, is he going to be pretty fit and strong three months from now? Yes he is. I’ve predicted the future, not complicated. Instead of getting up at the six o’clock, or seven o’clock, whatever your routine is, why don’t you try getting up two hours earlier. Start exercising, and then start focusing on studying the things that you want to study to improve your world and improve your business.

The results that you achieve just from doing this simple thing, are that you can predict your future. You can predict what’s going to be happening in your business. You can predict how your world is going to turn out because you are starting to make your world happen, rather than let the world happen to you. I hope this makes sense. I hope you start getting into fortune telling mode and you start predicting your own future guys. Until next time, take care. Talk to you soon.

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