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How To Improve Business Profits Instantly Using a Consultant!

If you could improve the bottom line profits by 20% or more in your business in the next 48 hours without spending any extra marketing dollars would it be worth spending five minutes learning how? This week I would like to help you optimise the results you are getting in your business by showing you how simple it is to get better results by simply doing what you are currently doing more effectively. If you have a look at the...

How To Improve Your Business – Improve Yourself!

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Listen, this week I want to actually reveal something to you that not many people know. You see, I actually can tell the future, and I’m very accurate with my predictions. No, it’s not some gift from God, I don’t have ESP. I don’t have extra sensory perception that I know of, maybe I do, people may call it intuition. But I really can predict the future to a large degree when it comes to the success of business owners,...

How To Quickly Improve Your Business Using a Business Coach

The Fastest way to Improve Your Business is to understand the power of Leverage! When you learn to Master other Peoples : Time Knowledge Money Your results will explode. The challenge is that you can get so busy doing the work in your business that you forget to actually run and grow your company strategically. For 17 years I tried to get ahead running my business  like everyone else I knew as an electrical contractor and after 17 years was...

The Best Marketing Tool For Business!

What Is The Best Marketing Tool In Business? According To Harvard This Simple Quick Strategy Will Increase Business Revenue By 25% to 90%! Hi, everyone. Ian Marsh here and what we’re going to be talking about today is probably one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools I’ve ever used in business. Now for those of you that don’t know me, essentially I’ve built some pretty large organisations in my time. These days I run a business school, Street...

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