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Are you Using The Insanity Plea In Your Business?

October 31, 2018 5:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts


Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of Streetsmart business solutions TV. Today, I’m going to be asking you a question.

Have you ever used the insanity plea?

As a business owner, have you ever been guilty of doing the same thing over and over and over again, in the hope, and in the prayer that maybe you might get a different result. Well, tonight, I wanna just share with you how business owners use that insanity plea. Sadly, how they don’t get away for it in the court. What court is that? Well, the court of reality, the court of getting results for the efforts that you put in . Sit back. Let’s Have some fun.

If you haven’t been with me on a Streetsmart Business Solutions TV before, what I’m gonna be doing over the next 10 or 15 minutes is just share with you some Streetsmart principles that I’ve used over and over again in my companies, to generate amazing results.

I’m going to settle an age old dispute here tonight ladies and gentleman.



Well, why am I talking about insanity?

Well, again, as I eluded to, Einstein said, that you must be sane if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but you expect to have a different result. Makes sense. With that in mind, I want to address an age old debate between the Media Agencies of the world … and the gold old direct response marketers.

Now, what debate is that? Well, I want to speak to you about name recognition and branding. Okay. Compared to direct response marketing. Bottom line is, if you’re in business and you spend money, you want to see a return on investment.

Have you ever had someone come to you, some media, perhaps a newspaper or radio or cinema advertising saying,

“You gotta keep advertising over and over and over again. You gotta get the brand recognition. You gotta get the name out there.”

Well sadly, the reality is that, when you do your marketing, when you spend a dollar, you should see a return on that dollar. And so, I can tell you with somewhat, a high level of authority here, that branding compared to direct response … Unless you’re the Coca Cola’s of the world, unless you’re the Apple’s and you’ve multi, multi millions of dollars to spend on branding, the reality is that, you’re not going to actually get that result that you’re hoping for. Oh, goodness me. There’s Joe Blow. Let’s buy from him. That does not cut it ladies and gentlemen.

Your mission, as a business owner should be, to get your message to your market in a very interesting way.

Let’s get serious, look at the picture below! This is what you are up against. You are exposed to Over 10,000 marketing message a day!


When you are going up against companies with Millions and even Billions in their marketing budget, you need to be smarter than the average bear!

When you do that, you get the message to them. It’s for the goal of attracting a constant flow of new clients to you. And, you want to keep those clients for life by the way. You want to know how to sell your products and services better than anybody else. I addressed this in the last business solutions TV episode, that I did. It is all about your sales and marketing.

Yes, you want to exceed your client’s expectations, but don’t you do that anyway?

I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve worked with literally thousands of business owners. The reality is, that most of you do a bloody good job. You just do not know how to tell the world about it. Your mission is not, and I repeat not, to hope that if you build it they will come. To sit behind your desk, act all professional, wonder if the right tone of paint or the right picture has been selected, and then expect people just to walk into your office and purchase from you. That is not how it works ladies and gentlemen. It’s a movie.

I don’t want you to imagine that the field of dreams is a reality. That movie was just a movie, when they built that big baseball arena, those of you my vintage with Kevin Costner. Remember this? Field of Dreams. Great movie. It is a fantasy. If you build it, they will not come, unless you know how to market it ladies and gentlemen, unless you know how to market it.

Only invest in the branding and the image advertising, when you have a surplus of funds in your budget.

I’m not saying don’t do it. Okay? What I’m saying is, that should be a secondary strategy. A primary one should be direct response. When your market place understands who you are, you get them interested in such a way, and you make them take action. They’ve gotta respond to what your message is.

You have to GRAB their attention somehow! Look at this example of a Direct Mail Piece

Now this letter gets sent inside an actual trash can and when they open it up they see this direct mail piece inside.

Would you take the time to read this message if it came in this form?


You have a look out there in the marketplace. There are so many examples. In fact, I’m going to show you a few in a second, of people that can’t respond, haven’t got an idea how to respond, because nobody’s told them how to respond. We’re going to fix this. Image and name recognition. People don’t respond to that. All right? What they do respond to is when you follow some simple rules.

Now, for those of you that doubt what I am sharing with you right now, let me prove my point.

Have a look at this picture below ladies and gentlemen. Okay. Lovely picture. Lovely lady. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Do I want coconut milk? All right, well if I want coconut milk … Why should I get coconut milk? What will coconut milk do for me? I don’t even know the purpose of coconut milk.

If I did want to buy that coconut milk, how would I buy it, where would I go, how would I use it? How many ads have you seen for hair shampoo, that look exactly like this? I refer to it as plain vanilla. Yes, it’s got a lovely picture of a person on there. For Pete’s sake, this is not going to make people go, “Oh wow. I’ve gotta grab that. I really need that. I’ve gotta put that coconut milk in my hair.”

Now, let me show you another example. Okay. This example here is the Dollar Shave Club. You’ll see here …

Quick Checklist!

Why should I use them?

Well, number one, six dollars for the Dollar Shave Club. 18 dollars for the Gillette option.

How Do I contact Them?

Notice it says “Try the Club and a URL?

Now, if you haven’t watched any of the Dollar Shave Club ads, you should. They’re fantastic. They’re a great learning curve for you. After five years of him opening that club, he got paid one billion dollars from Uni-Lever, because he was taking so much business away from Gillette, that they bought him out. How cool is that?

Click here to see one of their ads.

All right. Now, I’m going to show you one last example.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuoUD9fOk5U[/embedyt]

Now, you’re gonna crack up when you see this ad. It won awards from all of the great media agencies, et cetera, et cetera. What did it do for Nissan? Well, it successfully and I repeat successfully made the sales drop. I mean drop quite substantially. Everybody loved the ad.

Nissan spent a fortune on building it. However, because it wasn’t direct response, everybody got a great enjoyment for a minute, while the ad ran. Nobody could remember what the ad was about. They couldn’t remember the vehicle. They couldn’t remember what the brand was, or anything about the car.

Here’s the thing. We’re going to do a little quick quiz here guys. This is an inconvenient quiz. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions. Again, please, if you like this information, let me know. Put a comment down below. Put a question in there and I’ll speak to it next week.

Let me ask you these Inconvenient questions:

  1. What’s your response rate to marketing?
  2. When you do your marketing, do you know what the response rate, how many leads you get from your marketing campaign?
  3. How much does it cost for you to acquire a client?
  4. When you do your marketing in whatever media you’re using, could be paper, could be billboards, could be Facebook, could be Google, whatever it is … How much does it cost from your marketing costs, to when you actually get a client from that marketing. Do you know?
  5. Here’s the last question, just like those ads that I showed you, where is your offer?
  6. Why should they buy from you?

Now, Ask yourself these questions.

  • Aren’t these questions a business owner should have answers to?
  • Shouldn’t you know how much it’s costing you per lead to come into your organisation?
  • Then, shouldn’t you know with those leads, how many of them are converting into sales.
  • And then, out of those, when they convert into sales, how much is it actually costing you from your marketing to get that sale?

These are all very important questions. As a Streetsmart business owner, I would love you to know the answer to them. Those of you that do, congratulations. I’ll give you a YAAY for the day. For those of you that don’t, bit of homework. Again, if you need help, shoot a message out to us and we’re happy to help you. (or click the link at the bottom of this blog to have a Business Acceleration call)

The last and probably most important  question,

Where Is My Offer?

That’s the last question that you have got to be asking on all the marketing that you’re doing.

Do you have a compelling offer, or are you just like these ads, getting people to look at lovely hair, with no way of people responding to you, or giving them a reason to respond to you. Does that make sense? I certainly hope so ladies and gentlemen. There we go.

In summary, focus on doing direct response. In your ads, make sure you give a very compelling reason of why people should select you. Give them an easy way to contact you. Okay.

Don’t just go with pretty pictures that look all wonderful, but there’s no meaning to it. Very, very simple rule. What’s in it for me? This is what the customer is looking for, every time they’re looking at your message out there. Well, what’s in it for me? Why should I take the time to listen to you? Why should I go to the effort of coming and seeing you, or talking to you about solving my problems? That ladies and gentlemen is when you start becoming more street smart, instead of sheep smart.

Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly, if I didn’t put an offer to you. It’s a very simple offer. I own Streetsmart business school,  three times a year for three days. Now, this is an environment where individuals really hone their Business skills. It’s a workshop. You bring your laptops and we actually get things done. It is for my members and their guests. However, I let a few serious business people into my business schools every time that I do it. Why? Well, because, if they’re serious and they like what they see and most of them do, then maybe, just maybe they want to become a part of my business school.

At this business school, I’m going to be teaching you an incredible skill. That skill is how to speak on your feet. It is one of the greatest marketing tools. I mean, whenever you’re listening to anyone on stage … By the way, I’m speaking to you from a stage right now. If you’re listening to me, I’ve just proved my point. Whenever you’re speaking from stage, or sharing your knowledge like I am, you are instantly raised to the position of expert and/or authority.

If you are an expert and an authority, largely price goes out of the window. Wouldn’t you like that to happen in your organisation, rather than people haggling with you on price, how about they appreciate you helping them, by servicing them with a great solution. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing on the Gold Coast, 13th, 14th, and 15th of November. If any of you would like to apply to join me, then I’m happy to have a chat and see if we are a good fit for each other.

By the time you walk out of our business school, over three days, your communication skills, your persuasion skills will reach a whole new level. I can promise you that. Again, with that in mind, I’m going to leave an application button below.

We’ll send you an application form. Fill it in. Let us know that you’re serious about wanting to improve your business and then we can have a chat about you joining us, 13th, 14th, and 15th December on the Gold Coast (God’s Country).

Again, if you check out our YouTube channel, you’ll see literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of examples of individuals that have gone through my business school, and had incredible results at the other end. Ladies and gentlemen.


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